12 Answers to Questions That Men Are Afraid To Ask

Besides the fact that woman thin that their behavior is pretty normal, many men fight to understand the meaning of some things that women do. No matter if that is make up or going to the bathroom with their friends, there are certain things that simply confuse men.

Why Do Women Spend So Much Time Putting Make Up To Look Like They Don’t Have Make Up On Them?

Women use more skin care products. Every women wants to finish putting make up on in a few seconds.

However, their natural look is a combination of different skin care products, such as creams, powders, correctors, etc. They make their flaws disappear and that is how they look better.

How Do They Look Like A Different Person?

While they want to maintain their natural look, there are women with enough cosmetics in their home to change their appearance completely. Do not blame them, they just want to experiment with their look and try out a different one every time.

Why Do Women Like Cuddling So Much?

The explanation is simple. Cuddling gives women a sense of security.

It provides support for them and a feeling to share their personal space.

Why Do Women Go In Groups To The Bathroom?

This is more common in younger women. They simply go together so their friend can help them with their make up or to talk to each other about the date they are on.

Some women say that they are not aware that they need to go to the toilet until someone mentions that to them. There is no big secret at play here, it is all normal stuff.

Why Do Women Become So Nervous And Scary During Their Period?

This is different for every woman, but for the most part, this 7-day torture is mandatory. The main symptoms include a constant need for fast food, chocolate and sex, oddly enough, mood swings, muscle cramps, pain and inability to find a suitable position for the pain.

What Do Women Have In Their Purse?

Everything! Ask any woman and she will tell that she has her wallet, sunglasses, napkins, pen, notebook, a few lipsticks, powder and many different things a woman uses during the day.

Another question here is: Why do they carry so much stuff? That’s because they are trying to match it with every outfit they have. The same goes for the many pairs of shoes.

Why Do They Spend So Much Time In The Bathroom?

They care about their hair as much as they care for their face. Women apply balsams and face masks, for which they have to wait some time before they can take them off.

They also use all kinds of different body creams. All of these things take time.

What They Really Mean When They Say ‘I’m Fine’?

Sometimes, these words can mean that they really are fine. This can be discovered by the tone of their voice and their body language.

If a man has doubts about these words that their woman said, he already knows something is ‘not fine’.

Why Do Women Have Issues With The Toilet Seat?

Women do not want to move the wet toilet seat in the middle of the night. Men should respect the ‘anatomy’ of women and just put the toilet seat down, it’s not that hard, fellas.

Do Guys Only Know about A Few Exiting Places on A Woman’s Body?

The answer to this question lies in what kind of a relationship you have. Women reveal their hidden passions and fetishes to men they trust.

Thus, if you are in a healthy and happy relationship, you probably already now all the little nooks and crannies you have to touch to excite your woman. If you think you don’t know, do not be afraid to ask.

What Does Breastfeeding Feel Like?

In the beginning it can be painful, since the nipples are damaged because the baby’s gums are strong.

Why Do Women like Men’s Butts So Much?

Men and women both like a good behind. But, women are not just interested in the form of the butt, but also how it affects the movement in a min. in fact, when a man has a nice shoulder-to-butt ratio, women find it very attractive.


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