12 Photos That Prove We Have No Idea How Food Grows

Throughout the most recent couple of decades, North America’s nourishment industry has been changed quite a lot. While a few people are content with the agrarian and mechanical progressions, others remain opposed to them. It is true; cooked meals are promptly available every minute of every day and with no opportunity to cook, you are eating highly processed foods.

 “There is a short story that was accounted for not very far in the past, in which it is told about a boy and a young girl conversing with one another in school. The young lady asked the kid, “Do you know where the milk comes from?” and the young boy answered with confidence, “From the store, obviously!”

Presently, he might have realized that drain originates from cows. Nevertheless, the fact of the matter is that the normal individual has little to no knowledge about how their nourishment develops or what that would seem to be at all. This is to a great extent due to an over-worked, worried society that aches for accommodation of any possibility that they get.

Therefore, families are nourished a consistent eating regimen of handled sustenance’s. Contingent upon where you live, only a minority of individuals really purchase their own ingredients, produce and meat locally. For the larger part of people, they are eating food that has travelled hundreds of thousands of miles  joined by ‘renewing’ additives.

In this way, in our thankfulness for homegrown whole foods, we’ve discovered some peculiar foods that look not at all like the completed item we get too observe and appreciate.


Yes, you are correct, there is no plastic bundling here. Pistachios develop on trees and look truly magnificent before they lose their hues and are reaped.

Sesame Seeds

Cut those little cases open and you’ll discover sesame seeds all arranged in little lines!


Much like pistachios, almonds develop in groups on trees as well. While they might look fluffy in the image below, the riper they get, the darker and dryer they are before being opened.


We normally get the concentrate; however, vanilla looks like green string beans. When vanilla is harvested and dried, it turns into the darker shading we are increasingly comfortable with.


The frequently expensive and sensitive flavor begins as a bloom. Even so, marks of disgrace or red strands are culled and dried before being added to enhance the flavor, smell or shading to a dish.


This cinnamon tree rind is a long ways from the pretty cinnamon mix sticks we use in our spiced (or spiked) apple juice!

Cocoa Beans or Cacao

This is one you likely didn’t anticipate. Before these beans are dried and handled, this is the thing that crisp cacao beans resemble!


They nearly look outsider like! Cashews are by a long shot the most bizarre on this unusual food list for sure.


From white quinoa to red quinoa, this seed experiences a great deal to be a cushy billow of goodness on your plate.


These bulbous plants develop out of the ground yet you once in a while observe them in their common habitat.


The green units from this plant are harvested and picked for your delights. Bagel and lox finished with red onion perhaps?


Did you realize the dates developed in gigantic bunches along these lines?

There are a lot more foods that we would not be able to recognize in their original form. However, something sparked inside of us that we should pay attention to what we eat.

source: organichomeremedies

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