Sassy Water Recipe that Helps You to Remove a Bloated Belly in 60 Seconds

You want to make smaller that big belly size of yours? The solution is simple and easy, and that is Sassy Water.

“Sassy Water” is named after its inventor Cynthia Sass who came up with this recipe for the “Flat Belly Diet”. Sassy Water turns normal water into a miraculous drink that can do miracles for your health. It contains almost no calories and can even help improve your digestion.

Sassy Water is the most important element in the “Flat Belly Diet” program. And there is a pretty good reason for it.

There are several things that you need to be concerned about, because you drink 8 glasses of water daily to satisfy the hydration needs of your body and those are water retention and yours body fluid balance.

Drinking eight glasses of water per day is a general rule. Your personal needs may vary based on your genetics and your physical activity. But do not get this wrong, eight is a pretty good number.

Drinking Sassy Water can help you to facilitate a good digestion and the ingredients that it contains are there just for the kicks so to speak. Ginger, cucumber, lemon and spearmint can boost your wellbeing in more ways than you can even imagine.

Take a look of the ingredients of Sassy Water courtesy of our friends from Prevention.

1 med lemon, thinly sliced
12 sm spearmint leaves
2 liters water (about 8½ c)
1 med cucumber, peeled and thinly sliced
1 tsp freshly grated ginger

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