5 Exercises For Women Over 40

As a woman gets older, her body experiences a lot of changes, so the body you have at 40 is significantly different from the one you had at 20.

Instead of ignoring these transformations, women at their 40s can choose to do sports and exercise, especially strength-training and lifting weights. This is essential for staying in shape, for the density of bones, for increasing the muscle mass and slowing down the aging process.

Nowadays, more women, especially older ones, are taking up strength-training. However most of them don’t do it in a proper way. Here are some useful tips which are beneficial to all women that are trying to stay in shape and look younger with strength training.

Focus on Form Instead of Speed

In order to train properly, it is necessary for women over 40 to focus on the form rather than the speed of the training. Slow training with slow movements can’t cause injuries. After 40 the body recovers more slowly, so just slow down and focus on the speed. Speaking of strength training, a combination of slow and steady is a winning one.

Careful With the Bootcamps

Strength training for women over 40 is considerably different from the ones practised by younger women. As our bodies change, they become less able to recover quickly from the pain caused by running and jumping, especially on the joints and bones.

Since bootcamps tend to be competitive, the high-impact movements involved can usually cause sore knees, back pain,etc. So,if you have problems with your knees, hips or joints, try practising more isolated and slow movements, different form the ones that a bootcamp offers.

Strength Training and Its Benefits

Strength-training on regular basis brings a lot of benefits,such as: increasing the muscle mass, improving the muscle strength and maintaining the density of bones. It is especially beneficial to the older women who are at a higher risk for osteoporosis and brittle bones.

Adding muscle is good for a slow metabolism. Lifting weights is very useful for the psychological health especially for raising self-esteem and confidence.

I has been proven that strength-training can be helpful in imroving intellectual capacity and productivity. As the blood flows to your brain, the mind gets sharper.

Another benefit of that strength-training is the better sleep which is essential for our good health, our wellbeing and good looks.

Top Strength-training Exercises for Women

The following are the top exercises for women over 40 who want to stay in shape and look great. Try doing this exercises on regular basis and feel the improvements every day!

#1: Burpees

#2: Squats

#3: Planks

#4: Lunge

#5: Straight Leg Raises

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