9 Things That Mucus Can Tell About Your Health

Finding out the correct symptoms can help you in giving the exact diagnosis if it is a cold or a flu. You can find this all from the color and viscosity of your mucus, since they can be sticky, transparent and even smelly.

If you look at the mucus, you can figure out what is wrong with your health and then go and see professional help.

Transparent and liquid

If you have a transparent and liquid mucus, that means you are healthy. This type of mucus helps in relieving yourself of dust and toxins.

It contains proteins and antibodies that are fighting against viruses and bacteria that enter your nostrils. Sometimes, it can even be an indication of an allergy, especially if your nose is itchy or you are sneezing more than usual.

Transparent and thick

This type of mucus indicates that you have a chronic allergy. It puts strain on your nose, and you can even have bloated nasal tissues.


This mucus is usually formed when you have the common cold; the white color is due to the loss of moist entering the nose, making the mucus while and “cloudy” in color.


It is better to take a break and drink as much fluids as you can if you notice this color of your mucus. It is a sign of a common cold.

The yellow hue is due to the fact that there are dead white blood cells fighting against a virus; they enter the mucus as soon as they complete their primary function.


Green mucus is your friend, as it combats the flu. It is an indication that your system is doing everything it can in order to get rid of any infection you might have.

However, if the symptoms last for more than 10 days, then you better visit your doctor, as it might turn out to be a bacterial infection.

Red or pink

Pink might be a nice color, but definitely not a good sign when it comes to the color of the mucus. It means that you are hurt broken nose for example), or you have been blowing your nose too hard.

In any case, visit your doctor if the blood flow doesn’t stop in half an hour or there is too much blood coming out. Also, if your child gets a pink or red mucus, take him to the doctor immediately.


The brown color indicates that you have old and dried out blood in your system or if you have inhaled some dirt. Cleaning your nostrils with a spray of sea water can alleviate the color.

Almost Black

If you don’t smoke marihuana or cigarettes, and you have almost black mucus, then that means that you have a fungal infections in your system.

Sticky, Smelly and Several Colors

This type of mucus is a clear sign of a chronic sinusitis. Non-standard bloating of the nasal tissues or throat can increase the production of mucus, resulting with this type of mucus.

It is recommended that you see a doctor if antibiotics or other treatments against infections and viruses aren’t helping you.

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