According To Your Zodiac Sign, This Is How February’s Black Moon Will Affect Your Love Life

The term ‘Black Moon’ refers to an astronomical event that is when in one months’ time, there isn’t a single full moon in the sky. February is one such month. This event is really rare and happens every 20 or so years.

Because of this, there are different energies during this month. And they will have a significant impact on each of the Zodiac signs.


The powerful energies roaming around this month will throw you off balance. You will try to do many things the same way you’ve always been doing them, but they will make you feel annoyed and tired.

Don’t carry more than you can. Take some time off and relax and take care of yourself.

Don’t do anything rash, be patient and everything will work out fine and the way you intended to. During this period, you might actually meet your soul mate, so try to keep your mind and heart open.


For the Taurus, this Black Moon will bring them intense feelings of affection and love towards their partner, and every other person in their life. If they are in a relationship, you can expect to get a wedding invitation soon.

If you are single, try to not rush into a relationship with someone that is wrong for you. Take a moment and reassess what your choices are.


Gemini have been holding the idea of what love should look and feel like tightly for a long time. During this period, when there are energies surging left and right, and your feelings intensified, be careful what you wish for and don’t let your desire to find true love mislead you and end up pairing you with a person that is less of what is it you have been searching for all this time.

If you are currently in a relationship, it is a great time to ask yourself if you are with the right person for you.


As they are one of the most emotional zodiac signs, the Cancer enjoys nothing more than being in love. They view the world through rose-tinted glasses and are always on the lookout for their ideal and perfect partner.

However, during this month and the Black Moon with it, their idea of a perfect love will be broken into pieces, and they will know the dark side of love. But, in the end, it will be all for the better, since this breakdown will only lift them higher up and give them a new perspective.

With this in mind, they will also have more realistic expectations, and if they continue to push forward, eventually they will succeed.


When a Leo falls in love, they fall hard and fast. During this month, their feelings will be dramatically intensified.

Over the last few months their confidence has been shattered, and they forgot how to love themselves. But, this is a great period to start and focus on loving yourself, before starting to fall in love with someone else.


The energies from this Black Moon will make the Virgo realize very important things in their life. They will see that love is not just about loving someone, but also loving life.

They will learn how to enjoy the little things in life and start to get excited about them with the same intensity about all the big stuff in their life, such as a wedding, graduation, birth of their children, etc. they will, at last, start to enjoy every single moment of their day.


The Libra has always been a perfect student. They learn the theory, and through multiple different experiences, their wisdom increases as well.

This Black Moon will provide them with a plethora of new and different experiences so that they can enrich their life, particularly their love life. They only have to stay open and focused so they can seize this opportunity and experience all the things the energies offer them.


Highly passionate about everything in life and being highly drive, when the Scorpio sets its mind on something, there isn’t anything you can do to change their thinking. During this Black Moon, they will have a lot of mixed feelings in their love life.

Although it might feel frustrating at times since they wouldn’t know which path to take, they should try to remain calm. When the energies will start to clear up and return to normal, they will once again see clearly and decide who and what they really want to be.


While they know what they want in life, they are keeping those hopes and dreams to themselves. However, this is a great time to start expressing their needs if they want to achieve them.

The energies provided from the Black Moon will make their every wish come true if they are brave enough to say the wish out load and start chasing it. And if they have someone they currently love, these energies will bring them closer together.


The power of prayer is important for the Capricorn during this period. It doesn’t have to be a belief in God, but they should still point their beliefs and hopes towards something with a higher spiritual power.

Only then will the Universe makes their wishes come true. Keep your heart and mind open, Sagittarius, and everything you desire will start to materialize.


The Aquarius is always positive and very energetic. They are always happy, and are a natural optimist. However, during this Black Moon, their joyful view on the world will be shattered.

Try to be careful and not let this energy have an impact on your optimist and make you a bitter person. Keep your passions and dreams in mind and focus and once the energies from the Black Moon have passed, many great things will be on your way.


By now, they should have figured out who they want as a partner in their life. They should have clear decisions and commitments about their future.

The influence from the Black Moon can diverse them from their chosen path, and they may start losing touch with their real desires. Remember to stay true to yourself and your needs.

If you want to try something new, go for it. Don’t limit yourself because of something that doesn’t seem like your normal self.

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