He Made Fun Out Of His Wife’s Body. Her Response Was Perfect!

Men often take for granted women and everything that they go through when bearing children, giving up their careers, their social life, their figure and so many other things they sacrifice for the sake of their familiy.

The emotional rollercoaster they are dealing with is another thing worth mentioning. In reality women should be considered as miracles,since there would be no human life on this planet without them.

Having read this story,it made me think how insensitive this guy’s comments were. Getting back in to shape after having a baby is a process, it takes time.

He shoud be more appreciative of everything he has.

Read the full story below:

A husband wasn’t happy with his wife’s shape of body after she has given a birth to their firstborn baby.After a few weeks from her return home from the hospital,her husband was walking behind her and made a comment:

“ Your bottom is getting bigger, it’s starting to look like an old washing machine”His wife decided to remain silent and not to  respond to his remark.

In the evening, the husband started feeling sexually aroused and wished to make love to his wife,so he proposed it to her.To this, she replied that she wasn’t going to start the old washing machine for such a small load and that he better did it by hand.

Such comments on somebody’s insecurities can be very harsh and deserve such replies. Men usually don’t understand the seriousness of this situation as they never have to go through it.

What they can do is be more understanding ,supportive and loving to their wives regardless of their looks.

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