Reduce Body Fat with This 21-Day Morning Challenge

If you are among those who are heavy sleepers, then you should start changing your habits. Read this article carefully and you will be in awe of all the great benefits to waking up early and starting your exercise at the same moment.

Your motivation will be even greater when you know that these exercises will also help you in reducing body fat and losing excess weight. It is scientifically proven that a morning workout routine replaces an entire dose of caffeine and lets your body burn calories throughout the day.

Another advantage of a morning workout routine is that you will have some free time in the afternoon. If you do your workout in the morning, you will not have to exercise in the afternoon when you come home from work and are tired.

You can rest or do any other activities you might have in the afternoon.This article is about a 21-day workout challenge that will burn away excess fat, tone your body in an unrecognizable level.

The challenge is three weeks long and it doesn’t require of you to spend any money for equipment or going to the gym. It can be performed at home, and if you want you can use a yoga mat and your phone as a timer.

The challenge consists of exercises such as: inch worms, mountain climbers, squats, skaters, burpees, planks and others. For the first week of the challenge, each exercise has to be done for 30 seconds and you need 15 second breaks between each one. Every exercise has to be repeated twice.

During the second week, you should perform every exercise for 45 seconds, with the same amount of time for breaks in between, which is 15 seconds. Also, repeat all the exercises twice.

The challenge is consisted of exercises as: burpees, inch worms, mountain climbers, squats, skaters, and planks. During the first week of the challenge, each exercise needs to be performed for 30 seconds and make pauses of 15 seconds between each exercise. The circle of the exercises needs to be repeated twice.

For the third week, perform each exercise for 50 seconds and make breaks of 10 seconds between them. Repeat all the exercise three times during this week.

If you think you are ready for the challenge, follow the instructions below. In order to prevent and avoid any injuries, always warm up before the exercises.

So, stop making excuses and start getting the body you’ve always wanted.

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