Don’t Sacrifice These 5 Things for Any Relationship

Falling in love is a beautiful thing which can empower you and make you whole. True love isn’t meant to scale you down just so others could increase.

Instead, true love is all about increasing your power together while enjoying each other’s company and individuality.When you are in the right relationship, you shouldn’t feel suffocated or like in a cage.

However, if the relationship is causing you to slowly lose your identity and individuality, then it might be a sign that you are investing your time, emotion and life in an unhealthy and wrong relationship.

At first, it might not be that obvious, but later down the line, the people around you, like family and close friends, will start to notice that you aren’t the same person they knew and something is changed about you.

It is important to know the red flags about an unhealthy and failing relationship that will painfully end for you.

Don’t Sacrifice These 5 Things for Any Relationship

Your Right to Choose the People in Your Life

We are all social beings in a community that has many different connections, not only towards your partner, but also with other important people, such as family and friends, coworkers, etc.

If your partner is restricting and keeping you from seeing these people, it is a sign of manipulation and obsession. Don’t settle for this kind of relationship, as you have to and need to be free to express yourself.

Your Freedom to Speak Your Side of the Story and Make Your Own Decisions

Having your own voice in a relationship is important and is a way to inspire the significant other to respect your own beliefs, your own truth and your individuality.Making a compromise in a relationship is inevitable, but don’t let any kind of compromise rob you of your own free will.

Learn to give and lose from time to time, but don’t allow yourself to be used at any time. Let your significant other know how you think and feel in particular situations.

Your Inner Peace and Happiness

If you allow yourself to stop doing the things that make you happy and that bring you peace because your partner prevented you from doing so, it is a red flag for a relationship.

Just because you are in a relationship doesn’t mean that you should stop going to soccer practice or stop signing your favorite songs. It is your life and it isn’t worth living it under other people’s terms.

Your Goals in Life

Setting aside that you share your relationship goals with your significant other, you shouldn’t undermine and neglect following your own goals and dreams. Your goals in life matter and you should let your partner know what you want to do.

If the person loves you genuinely, they will show their support and will not prevent you from doing so.

Your Self-Respect

Setting a strong boundary is one way to let your partner know that you have enough respect for yourself. You are willing to compromise on things, but never your self-respect.

If the other person doesn’t see the respect you have for yourself, they might see you as a weak person that they can easily manipulate or threaten in order to get their way.

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