A Man Will Do These Things Only If He Truly Loves a Woman

If you aren’t sure if your man loves you, just take a look at these signs and figure it out yourself.Men have a different way to show if they love a woman than women do.

If he is displaying his affection towards you in public places, keep in mind that he isn’t fooling around. A man that is expressing his feelings out in the world is showing extreme vulnerability and it is one of the things he will do about the woman he loves.

He Listens

If you see your man or thin that he is sometimes behaving like a child, you aren’t completely wrong. Most men only focus on the things they are passionate about.

If they indeed love you genuinely, then even your voice sounds like music to them, so all you have to do is mention something that they have an interest about and they will focus their full attention towards you.

He will listen, pay attention to your words. He will follow your advice and respect your thoughts and opinions about things.

He Fights With You

What you read, is correct. Under ‘fighting’ we mean that he will fight, discuss and find solutions to a problem that might arise in the relationship and work to fix the problem at the source of it, or what started the fight in the first place.

It doesn’t mean that every fight will be that your relationship is possibly ending, but he will even care about the little things. It is a sure and safe sign that he wants to work things out and he will try to at least find a middle ground where you are both happy.

He Makes Sacrifices for You to be Happy

This is one of the greatest signs of love. If he puts himself in a bad spot in order for you to be happy, then he truly wants you to be happy and is willing to put you in front of everything, even himself.

He Fights for Your Love

A man that is in love with you is willing to take some heavy punches as they come if it means that you will stand by him and be his, as he is yours. If he truly loves you, he will make you understand how important you are to him and how lucky he is to be with you and that he doesn’t want to lose you.

He is Proud of Your Achievements

The man that is in love with a woman, he will see her achievements as his own. It is something like the feeling a mother has when her child doesn’t something incredible for the first time.

He will not have a competition with you; instead he will try to win with you.

He Thinks You Look Beautiful even on Your Worst Days

If a man genuinely loves you, then you will always be beautiful to him, no matter how hard or rough your day was.

He Cares About Your Family and Friends Because You Do

The man that loves you understands completely that there are other people in your life besides him, such as friends and family. He respects that and they are important to him to because they are important to you.

He will listen with attention about you sharing details and stories about your friends or family. If there is a problem, he will try to help you solve them or at least offer suggestions in order for you to be happy.

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