A Vision Test with Erased Words Only People with High IQ Can Complete

Have you ever done an IQ or a similar test? They can often be hard and are almost always filled with some catchy phrases to throw you off.

But, this test is a fun vision test, otherwise known as ‘visual closure test’. Visual closure refers to a person’s ability to visualize a complete whole even when they are given incomplete information, or a partial picture like we are doing in a second.

In this test, we will show you a series of words. However, parts of those words have been erased making it harder to read the words right away.

Apparently, only 10 percent of people can totally complete this visual closure test.Find out if your current IQ is high enough to get you through the test.

The 15-image vision test

Look at every image and try to figure out what the erased word is. The correct answer to all of the images is listed below.

Erased Words: The Visual Closure Test Answers

It is simply amazing how the brain can see something that isn’t complete, and yet still have the mental capacity to make it whole. Doing so makes your eyes exceptionally good when it comes to details. Here are the results for the test.

  1. Face
  2. Cat
  3. Cake
  4. Barn
  5. Soup
  6. Spot
  7. Sun
  8. Love
  9. Car
  10. Snap
  11. Pond
  12. Fair
  13. Wand
  14. Peace
  15. Lion

If you answered 1 to 5 of them correctly, you have an average IQ.

If you answered 6 to 12 of them correctly, you have a high IQ.

If you answered 13 to 15 of them correctly, you have an extremely high IQ.

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