Diet Soda: Massive Study Links Aspartame to Major Problems

The diet soda is one of the unhealthiest drinks you can consume and it is widely consumed because people believe it does not contain sugar at all, and they think they are making the better choice.

However, they are not familiar with aspartame, the sweetener that is used in the diet soda, which is one of the most harmful and dangerous sweeteners. It can easily cause seizures and other problems and complications.

According to the latest studies, women who are consuming 2 or more diet sodas, have increased risk of developing a cardiovascular disease and have increased risk to die from this disease.

The University of Iowa, had done the Largest Study

There are women who consumed soda drinks and the ones that did not consume them at all. In the end, it was concluded that the group which consumed soda drinks had a 30 percent increased risk of developing a cardiovascular disease as well as a 50 percent increased risk to die from said disease.

Dr. Ankur Vyas, reported that the study they had done was the largest one on that topic, and their findings were similar to some they had before, especially for the soda drinks about the metabolic syndrome.

The association was persisted right after the experts of the study adjusted the data to include the demographic characteristic and some other risks that can also trigger a cardiovascular disease, such as salt intake, body mass index, smoking, hypertension, diabetes, physical activity, energy intake, hormone therapy use, sugar-sweetened beverages, high cholesterol, etc.

Women who consumed 2 diet drinks or more are having elevated risks of having diabetes, higher body mass index, higher blood pressure and are more likely to start smoking or continue smoking.

According to Time Magazine

The awareness for obesity in the US is constantly growing and the awareness about the sugar-sweetened beverages is growing too. According to Reuters, which are industry experts, the beverage industry is slowly declining under the scrutiny.

The diet drinks that5 were made by these companies were suffering loss in sales, since people started to be concerned about the artificial sweeteners that were included in the drinks.

With this study, it was only important to raise awareness of the harmfulness of these artificial sweeteners and they can be replaced with new and natural ones, since they are a lot healthier than the aspartame which is currently in use.

There is also another important fact, if the diet sodas are going down in sales, this also means that people are aware how harmful they are, but not only that they aware but they are also preventing from countless diseases and health risks that can be triggered by these sweeteners.


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