Magnesium Treats Depression Better Than Antidepressant Drugs

Currently in the world, there are around 350 million people that are suffering from some form of depression. That is 5 percent of the world population. As this condition becomes an increasingly more popular diagnosis, there has to be alternatives to the common antidepressant prescription.

Antidepressant can work wonders, but they can still leak toxins to the body that can cause an addiction, worsen already existing health problems, and other mental health condition. Depression is often caused by an imbalances of chemicals in the brain.

Depression medications can cure these imbalances, but usually leave some kind of side effects such as nausea, insomnia, weight gain, dry mouth, blurred vision, etc. For some people, the side effects are minimal and almost non-existent, but for others the side effects can be worse than the depression itself.

Many of those people are searching for a new type of treatment, one that can finally cure them without causing them any kind of harm.

A New Alternative to Antidepressants

A new option that has recently made its debut is a natural medication that can help treat depression, possibly even better than the previous antidepressant medications. This new miracle is magnesium. Magnesium is a mineral that the body naturally craves and recent studies have shown that 248 mg of

Thanks to a rise in pharmaceutical prices, medication is often pricey and it can be tough to afford necessary medications. Depression medication can cost anywhere from $30.00-$200.00 per month.

Over the course of a year, this amount cannot afford to rise, as it builds up quite an expense. Unfortunately, many people cannot afford these rises and thus can no longer afford to continue their medication.

One of the greatest things from the recent discovery of the potential of magnesium and its medicinal properties is that it is extremely cheap. It is an effective approach to treating depression and eliminating side effects. It is cheaper and safer than other prescription therapies and drugs.

How to Get Magnesium

Magnesium is naturally contained in foods such as spinach, Swiss chard, pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate and almonds. Each of these has at least 75 mg of magnesium per serving, so eating 3 to 4 servings would equal your daily intake. It might be even easier to buy a supplement pill instead if you prefer it.

Taking your daily dose of magnesium can really help in improving your mental health as well as your physical health. Not only is magnesium great for helping with depression, but it has a whole list of other wonderful benefits.

Magnesium is great for the health of the brain, kidney health and cardiovascular health. Turning to natural remedies could save you a lot of money over the course of a year, and it will help your body to heal without the fear of having any kinds of side effects.



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