Apple Seeds And Their Incredible Properties

Apples can be placed in the group of some of the healthiest food on this planet. The old saying goes that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” and it is true that apples truly help you prevent a lot of diseases and cancels doctor’s appointments.

Apples are full of nutrients and a lot of healthy properties so in just one apple, there is 10% or even more, vitamin C and fiber, that it the minimum amount that you need in a day.

Apples are esspecially good for weight loss, they boost the immune system, prevent damage from free radicals, and have anti-cancer properties as well. Apples contain a wide range of other vitamins or nutrients, antioxidants, and phytochemicals.

What’s great about the apple is that the apple itself and the peel contain nutrients that can help and even prevent diseases like heart diseases, asthma, Alzheimer’s, lung cancer, obesity, dementia and many other.

The peel of the apple contains triterpenoids. This that is the reason why it helps with pretty much any type of cancer, but especially with liver, breast and colon cancer.

However apple SEEDS can also help you prevent cancer.

Let’s take a look at the connection with apple seeds and cancer

B-17 is a vitamin that we don’t get enough, and apple seeds have it. You can also find it in strawberries, apricot kernels, cashews and buckwheat.

This vitamin is also known as laetrile or amygdalin, it’s a glycoside nutrient commonly associated with cancer prevention as it can help reverse or inhibit tumor growth.

By interacting with other vitamins and antioxidants in the body, this vitamin gets rid of cancerous cells is and by doing so it targets mutated cells and does not harm healthy ones.

It also naturally contains cyanide, but its amounts are too small to be significant and dangerous so the enzymes in your body can get rid of that small amount that is contained in the B-17 vitamin, which is contained in apple seeds.

They can prove very beneficial to your health so don’t worry when you chew or swallow some apple seeds.



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