Ask Your Partner These Questions Before You Get Married

It is wise to really get to know your partner before even considering marriage, so you can make sure he or she is a suitable person for you to spend your life with.

You should be more or less on the same page for the most important things in life and if you’re wondering how to recognize if your partner is the one for you, then we hope that these 11 questions will help you find out.

What goals do you have in life and are you willing to adjust those goals for our relationship?

This is one of the most important questions, as many relationships tend to fail due to the one side being more focused and fixed on their other goals in life and not willing to adjust some of them for the sake of their relationship with their significant other. So, check whether the person you are going to spend your life with is on the same page with you regarding this issue.

Do you know how to and are you willing to make compromises?

Making compromise is essential to any kind of relationship, but it is most important in a marriage. If your partner is not so willing to make compromises and tends to get their way, then it might be too late to expect them to make compromises later in marriage.

Can you work through life’s rough patches with me?

A person who dislikes and avoids conflict and cannot work out the differences between them and their partner is not a great marriage material.

What’s your relationship with your family?

This is a quite important question as the way someone treats their closest family is probably the way they’re going to treat their new family once married.

A bad relationship with one’s family may indicate later issues in one’s marriage, but good relationship, especially one that is extremely close, may be a bad sign since they may put their family before their significant other and that will most likely create some issues. However, anything can be solved via relationship counseling, so don’t worry too much about this.

Why do you love me?

This question can provide you with many answers and can be a deeply philosophical and psychological one. A bad sign can be if your partner focuses more on providing you with material things like clothes, a house, a car etc. while answering this question.

Why do you want me to be your life partner?

Another question that can provide you with quite deep and philosophical answers that can show the essence of your partner’s character. Also, you can hear their expectations as well as they yours, so it is a great start for a discussion on all the expectations you both may have.

Can you keep the romance alive?

Someone who understands the value of keeping romance alive will actively work to invigorate the relationship over time.

Can you commit to grow WITH me and not away from me?

This answer can tell you whether the person understands the nature of close relationships and the constant maintenance they require.

Will you keep your independence and continue to grow as a person?

A person that continues to have hobbies and interests that are separate from the marriage, in a healthy way of course, will make a more interesting and independent partner.

What are your parenting skills?

If you intend to have children, the previous family experiences of your partner can have a significant effect on their parenting abilities.

If I leave this world early, will you continue to cherish my memory?

This is a rather sad question, but nevertheless, quite meaningful. An individual that will continue to hold that relationship in memory as a valuable experience, rather than close the book on it, is likely to make the most of the time you have together.


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