Is Your Mother Being ‘Toxic’ ? Here Are The Seven Signs To Tell

This kind of toxic relationships are more common and present than you might think. Being in a toxic relationship can be draining and sometimes you may not be even aware that you are being in one.

It doesn’t have to be your partner, but it is someone that you hold dear. Here are 8 signs that may help you see, if you are being in a toxic relationship with your mother.

  1. You have low self-esteem

The first sign of being in a toxic relationship is having your self-esteem lowered constantly by that person. If your mother constantly compares you to others, says that no thing you do is good enough, and is making you feel unworthy, then unfortunately, she is being a toxic mother.

A good amount of reprimand and constructive criticism is always welcome, but doing it in a wrong manner and constantly is unhealthy. Just remember that you are who you are and that you do not need to live up to anyone’s expectations.

  1. You are always seeking reassurance and acceptance

Toxic mothers make their children feel like they haven’t gotten enough attention and that they haven’t been accepted for who they are.

So, you might find yourself staying in a toxic relationship because you’ve clung to that one person who finally accepted you and gave you attention in the hopes that he’ll/she’ll change eventually.

  1. You can co-dependent

This adds up to the previous point. When you’re insecure and always seeking acceptance from others due to being deprived of that by your mother, you can also become co-dependent. If your mother made you feel that you always needed her, you may unconsciously transfer that to your friends or partners.

  1. You are always putting others before yourself

Toxic mothers can make their kids put her own needs and wishes before their own, and that may cause them to always put others before themselves because they’ve grown up conditioned to think that their wishes and needs don’t come first.

  1. You are withholding affection

Toxic mothers may withhold affection for their children in order to punish them but that is wrong on so many levels.

Withholding affection is no way to punish someone, and if you find yourself doing that to your partner, then stop and think it through because you might be doing that only because your mother has been doing that to you when you were younger as a form of punishment.

  1. You grew up to be submissive

When your mother makes you put her wishes and needs before your own and you were conditioned to think that your needs come second, then you sure are being submissive as well.

  1. Thinking of your toxic mother can make you feel angry or scared

Feeling angry at your mother for the emotional abuse you have endured is a justified sign that she has been toxic to you. Feeling scared of her is also a clear sign that your relationship hasn’t been healthy as it should be.

These are just several generalized signs that apply to the majority of these cases, but if you feel like these signs are present in your relationship with your mother, then it would be wise to think it through whether your mother really is being toxic to you and if so, try to confront her about it and mend things.




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