3 Ways to Attract the Person You Want, According To Psychologists

We all want to be seen, be noticed, be heard and understood. There are different levels to this desire, where at times we want fleeting connections with friends and acquaintances.

Other times, we want to be noticed by that one single person we feel a strong, romantic connection with. When we want someone, we tend to try and get their attention in all kinds of ways.

Psychologists have figured out ways for people to get noticed and pull the attention towards them. Here are the top three ways to get noticed by the person/people you want, according to psychologists.

Here Are 3 Ways to Attract the Person You Want

“If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s not being noticed.” – Steve Sabol

Show Positive Emotions

Positivity is something that goes a long way. There is so much power in positivity.

Psychologists have shown that even just thinking positively can improve the mood. Positivity is also incredibly potent when it comes to making other people like you.

Psychologists agree that if you want to get noticed by someone you want, you will have to start showing positive emotions. Smile and laugh more often.

Smiling and laughter can be contagious. When you are around someone that you want to notice you, smiling and laughing will get them looking your way.

Not only that, but smiling and laughing is a way to make sure that the other person will remember you by with positive emotions. When someone associates you with positive emotions, they’ll want to hang out with you more often.

According to a group of researchers, “The take-home message is that positive emotions are worth cultivating, not just as end states in themselves but also as a means to achieving psychological growth and improved well-being over time.”

Talk about Shared Values

People want to spend time with other people that have similar interests and values. Someone that believes in being a good person and telling the truth will want to share their time with likeminded people.

They wouldn’t want to spend time with someone who is rude and lies. That goes both ways. Ask yourself, what values do you have, and what values do you share with the person that you want to notice you?

Be honest with your values, and don’t try to pretend you’re something you’re not. Talk about the values that you share with the person that you want to notice you.

Psychologists agree that emphasizing your shared values will get someone to be more open to noticing you.

Use Their Name

Psychologists agree that using people’s names is one of the quickest ways to get their attention. Not only that, but it is the quickest way to get people to keep noticing you.

When someone hears their own name, psychologists say that it helps to validate their own reality, and it makes them feel more endeared towards the person speaking.

If you are looking for someone to notice you, use their name. Smile and laugh while doing it, so that you get their attention and they can associate you with positive emotions.

Being associated with positivity will draw the person towards you, again and again. Don’t be afraid of using their name or title if it is applicable.

Final thoughts

If you want to get someone to notice you, you have to know how the human brain works. It might be tempting to use gimmick such as flirting, dressing up or making yourself seem more noticeable.

This can work in the short term, but a part of getting a person to notice you is to keep them coming back for more. Psychologists have an understanding of the inner workings of the human mind.

They have a ton of knowledge on how to help people connect with one another by using the human mind. These are some of the best tried and proven ways to get the person you want to notice you.



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