72 Year Old Woman Gives Birth to Baby Boy and Becomes One of the Oldest Moms in the World

The human body is simply incredible. With the help of modern science, a couple was able to achieve their lifelong dream of being parents. A first-time mother much older than the Indian average age of first birth, which is age 20, brought a son into the world after more than seven decades. The history making birth helped bring happiness to their family. 

World’s Oldest New Mother

The new mother is an astonishing 72 years old. This possibly makes her one of the oldest first-time mothers ever. The father is 80 years old. For more than 50 years the woman, Daljinder Kaur, and her husband, Mohinder Singh Kaur, tried to conceive, but were not able to.

People around them urged them to adopt, but she decided to go ahead and pursue her goal of giving birth and raising a child. They finally achieved that while they are both in retirement.

Daljinder Kaur is from Punjab, in Northern India. She delivered a baby boy named Armaan on April 19, 2016. Although they described their lives as filled with happiness, they have always wanted a child to call their own. After trying for so many years, they decided to ask for help. They went on a journey involving examinations, tests, many visits to multiple doctors and three rounds of IVF treatments.

Working with Doctors

Many younger women also require three rounds of IVF treatments and it is seen as average when trying to conceive. Even after menopause, it is possible for women to get pregnant with the help of medical intervention.

The pregnancy was closely monitored for the health of the mother and the baby alike. They sought fertility treatment from the National Fertility and Test Tube Baby Centre in the city of Hisar. At first, they were reluctant, but they went ahead with success.

She eventually conceived on July 2015. When Armaan was born, he weighed 4.4 lbs and was in good health. Daljinder even breastfed the baby boy for three months. Daljinder now says that she feel like her life is complete and that she is full of energy to take care of the child.

Full of Surprises

Daljinder admits that mothering a child is more difficult that she thought it would be. After giving birth, she was put on medication for high blood pressure and says that it is difficult to keep up with a crawling baby. However, her faith in God and supportive spouse has made the journey easier.

She says on raising the child: “I do most of the work but his father contributes in whatever way he can. So, we collectively have taken the responsibility of raising our child in whatever way we can.”

The couple decided not to get the help of nannies and to raise the boy themselves. On top of taking care of the housework and cleaning, she is with him all day and will hold him while doing chores.

Looking Towards the Future

To celebrate his first birthday, Daljinder and Mohinder planned to take him to the Golden Temple in Amritsar. They describe their son as a blessing from God and pray for blessings for their health and bright future.

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