You Absolutely Need to Know These 14 Psychology Facts


  1. It is very likely that your favorite song is connected with some kind of an emotional event. This goes for you and for everyone else.
  2. The music definitely impacts your perspective. Well, this one is definitely obvious. Several studies have actually proven that the music has a dramatically large impact on your perspective.
  3. The more you spend on other people, the happier you will be. This is all according to various studies. This is why you need to make sure to give plenty this year!
  4. Also, spending money on experiences instead of things will make you happier too! Well, we guess people are right, spend more on memories, not things right?
  5. Children of today are more high strung than a mental patient in the 1950s. This is a pretty scary fact but it is not surprising. More than half the world population suffers from either stress, depression, anxiety or substance abuse.
  6. There are certain religius practices that can actually reduce stress. It has been shown that people who have engaged in meditation and religious prayer are less stressed out.
  7. Money can indeed buy happiness, but only up to 75.000 dollars in a year. This is the amount that an average American needs in order to maintaina happy life without any financial worries.
  8. Being with happy people will make you happier. Well, this one should not be a surprise to anyone.
  9. The most stressed out people on earth are the ones between 18 and 33 years old. Work, education and family can all be a tad too stressful.
  10. If you convince yourself that you have slept well you can trick your mind into actually believeing you did. This will provide you with more energy and it is called a placebo sleep.
  11. Smart people always believe they are not as intelligent while ignorant people believe they are brilliant. This is called the Dunning Kruger Effect, and it is quite real, just Google it and find out.
  12. When you start remembering an event from the past, you actually remember the last time you remembered this event. This one actually blows your mind doesn’t it? Well, this is why the memories over time become faded and distorted.
  13. Your decisions are much more rational when you make them in another language. One university from Chicago proved that Korean citizens who thought in several foreign languages reduced the overall bias, cool right?
  14. If you anounce your future plans, you are much less likely to succeed. This is so true! Tests dating from 1930s have proven it.







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