Some Amazing Benefits of Eating Chicken Feet

The part of the chicken which is often thrown away because most of the people think it is a disgusting part are the feet of the chicken. However, there are many people that use it for creating amazing as well as tasty delicious meals.

They have a soft texture and a unique flavor that will immediately make you addicted to them.They can be cooked and combined with some other ingredients in various ways in order to get the best out of their taste.

Nowadays, this incredible chicken dish can be found in Asia, Africa, Europe as well as Latin America. There are plenty of nutrients in the chicken feet, and this is why in addition we are going to present some of them to you: carbs, fat, protein, choline, folate, phosphor, calcium, omega 3 fatty acids, omega 6 fatty acids, Vitamin A.

There are plenty health benefits from the chicken feet if we consume them while they have these nutrients in them. Here are some of the health benefit which are listed just below:

  1. Increase the wound healing – the amount of protein in the chicken feet as well as the content of collagen and a number of other crucial components make the chicken feet have the ability to increase the time necessary for wound healing and help overcome the overall cell damage.
  2. Improve the whole immune system – consuming the chicken feet is of utmost importance when it comes to boosting your entire immune system. This is mostly because of the mineral content which is very beneficial for the overall buildup of the health. Also, the chicken feet contain collagen as well as some other minerals which have proven to be useful for in overcoming attacks from any diseases. Some of the other nutrients are basically minerals such as copper, magnesium, phosphorous, calcium and zinc. So, if you decide consuming it on a regular basis you can easily boost your entire immune system and body too.
  3. Prevent fragile bones and increase the strength of the joints – when the calcium amount is decreased this can easily lead to cells being difficult to regenerate, especially when people get old. Well, it will be a lot more different when you start consuming chicken feet especially because they are filled with cartilage, calcium, protein as well as collagen that can help you prevent fragile bones from ever happening and give strength to the joints, especially in older age.
  4. Make gums healthier – the gums are an important part of the human body because all the food that gets inside of the body is processed by the teeth, gums and tongue. This is why we definitely need to get some nutrients that will help maintain the health of the gums. Consuming the chicken feet can help a person do that because they contain a high amount of amino acids, collagen as well as some other gelatin forming substances. These are the substances that will give strengthen the gums.
  5. Keep the health of your nails – the body needs a lot of collagen to maintain the strength of the structure of the nails. Thankfully, the collagen can be found in the chicken feet, and those who consume them on a regular basis tend to have much stronger and healthier nails. The chicken feet are also filled with amino acids, glycine and proline which that content is able to help you maintain the health of the nails and the entire body. When the chicken claws are ripened, what they usually do is release a special liquid or a gel that contains a gelatin content. This kind of nutritional content can help your body process the calcium which is absorbed by the nails.
  6. Lower your blood pressure – the chicken feet contain more protein and collagen rather than the chicken breast meat. The collagen and protein in the chicken feet has the ability to lower the blood pressure. This collagen can lower the plasma renin levels so that the blood pressure does not climb up. Also, it contains potassium, so people who are dealing with hypertension will definitely feel better if they consume more chicken feet. Overall, in order to make a good chicken feet soup you need a lot of salt. But, because people who are dealing with high blood pressure should avoid excess amounts of sodium, it means that you probably should not use a lot of salt in this recipe.
  7. Maintaining the balance of hormones – the level of zinc in the body is one of the key things to hormonal balance. The chicken feet contain zinc levels that can meet up to about the third of the needs in the body in each portion. The good fats found in the chicken feet will also improve the glands and their performance in the body, mostly because the number of glands in the body work with the help of the healthy fats inside of the body. The health of the blood vessel system because of the effects of the collagen can also play a very important role in helping the blood supply to a number of hormonal control points including most of the glands that are found all through the body and in the central nervous system within the brain.
  8. Will make you look younger – the chicken feet are filled with collagen. The natural levels of collagen are similar to the collagen levels found in leafy vegetables and green fruits. The collagen is probably one of the most specific substances which are needed for maintain the elasticity of the skin that will make you look healthier and younger. The cracked and dry skin can be returned back to normal and the wrinkles as well as the small early signs of aging can be reduced to a minimum. You can even reduce the acne to a minimum and stoop them from even happening again too.
  9. Overcome any digestive issues – the chicken feet can be made into a soup that tastes delicious. All of the nutrients such as collagen, protein, glucosamine and all the rest of them dissolve into the soup too. The benefits of all these nutrients together will provide you with an excellent digestion. It has also been known that the effects of these nutrients can make the intestines healthier and the digestive tract healthier as well.
  10. Reduce the stress – the chicken feet also produce several type of amino acids which are proven to be excellent for the body. One type of amino acid which is released from the chicken feet is the arginine. This is the type of amino acid which is very beneficial for the body. The main thing here is to help the body in the release of hormones that cause feelings of stress and nervousness.
  11. Rejuvenate the skin – the chicken feet are filled with collagen which is excellent for the skin. It can help the skin renew its cells as well as maintain its form. Also, it will increase the elasticity as well as prevent any premature aging that the wrinkles can have on the skin, and plenty of doctors suggest that you consume it regularly if you want to maintain the health and beauty of your skin. Also, the chicken skin will quickly replace the damaged cells. Consuming chicken feet can help the body increase the ability to attack the infection. The damage to the cells because of infections can be easily overthrown, so your body will fight the bacteria better.

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