An Amazing Herbal Medicine From the Philippines

The butot tigre a perennial herb which has plump root stock and has a very short stem and it has branches too. It is pretty flat and fibrous and it contains fleshy erected leaves which sometimes are actually concave, cylindrical or even rounded with some sub erected and dagger shaped and they feel rigid.

It contains the color of a pale green with slanted band of some dark green or even some dark green with some gray spots. When it comes to sizes, you can find it to be about 0.4 to 1.5m long and 4 to 7cm wide as well.

This herb has a lot of pale colored flowers but the long and leafless flower stalk is usually erect and at this point it reaches the length of 30 to 80cm, which is quite fascinating.

Afterwards, the fascicles are 3 to 6 and very sweet scented, 2.5 to 3cm, and even have perianth section almost twice as long as the tube.

The fruit is unfortunately infrequently produced, but when it is, it is round, around 8ml in diameter and the seed of it are mostly egg shaped and white.

There are plenty of benefits which come with this incredible herb, and in addition we give you some of them.

  1. its roasted leaves can easily be used as an emollient
  2. its rootstocks can be used for a cough and the tender roots and rhizome are mostly used as expectorant plus they are used to reduce a fever, used as a tonic, a purgative and for bone setting in some parts of India
  3. in addition, the stem part of the rhizome is used to treat toothache, the rhizomes are also used for indigestion, a cough, a common cold and even ear pain.

The juice is boiled along with some coconut oil and then put it right to the ear – this will with guarantee ease the pain. Moreover, abut 10 pieces of leaves from this herb can be used to get rid of pimples and heal various skin diseases. And to make things even better,12 pieces of leaves heal asthma.

In Bangladesh, people also use the juice of young leaves which is applied topically to any kind of ear infection. Also, the juice tender shoots are also used with children to clear the sticky phlegm from the throat.

In some of the worst cases as some viral diseases related to some stringy nasal discharge, a leaf juice slightly warmed up is used as nasal drops, about three times in every two hours. The paste is frequently applied on the body.

The leaves are mostly manufactured of bowstring, twin, cloth and some paper because of their strong white fiber and sometimes, they are even mixed with the local pina.

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