Here is The Answer Whether You Are Dominant or Submissive in The Bedroom Based on Your Zodiac Sign

There are a few different personality types in the bedroom. There are the dominant types that absolutely need to take charge in the bedroom and be in control of every situation.

On the other hand, the more submissive type can find pleasure in being told what to do. For some people on the other hand, they switch, some days they want so lead the show, and some days they just want to be led through everything.

Well thankfully, here is where your zodiac sign can help – here we can provide you with some info about what kind of sexy personality do you have.

  • Aries – they want to be absolutely dominant. They always know what they want and they will love to boss you around in order to get it. It also helps them to be certain that they will be completely satisfied during sex. Though, if it’s t much work, they are definitely into switching.
  • Taurus – the people born in this zodiac sign thrive when in the submissive position. They can be inredibly possessive, and letting go in the bedroom can really give them the pleasure they need. Also, they are very free of inhibitions which means they are willing to do a lot in the bedroom.
  • Gemini – making all of the decisions in life has been proven to be very stressful but when it comes to the Gemini in the bedroom, that is never an issue. They definitely avoid things getting boring and repetitive, so this is why they are always eager to switch things up, and even sometimes a little submissive role playing can go a long way.
  • Cancer – they are very sensitive and usually thrive when the other party runs the show. This has proven to double during sex. But, they have still proven to be veery sexy with a mind full of fantasies and are always willing to do a show and tell.
  • Leo – you should never tell a Leo what to do. You know that this is definitely no good for you. They are mostly turned on by their partner worshipping them and when they know how to take charge in the bedroom and calling all the shots. Unless you are seeking a punishment, don’t try to boss them around.
  • Virgo – they are usually weighed down in life because they take upon other people’s issues as their own and try to help whenever and wherever they can. The bedroom is the one place where they can simply let go and let the other person be in charge for a while.
  • Libra – making decisions is a very tough thing for a Libra to do. they will constantly change their mind, which is why letting go and being submissive in the bedroom is what works for them the most. Someone else is in charge and they can simply let go and enjoy themselves for as much as they want.
  • Scorpio – they are very well known for their passion. Being dominant in the bedroom is something that comes very naturally to them. They can make things very exciting in the bedroom because they are naturally very, very aggressive. They are definitely not scared of trying everything and pushing their limits in order to get the most out of the sexual encounters.
  • Saggitarius – what sounds like absolute hell to them is to be submissive in the bedroom. They prefer to be the ones calling the shots because they love getting what they want.
  • Capricorn – the hardworking Capricorns love to be the dominant ones in love and in the bedroom too. They can enjoy the power they have with being dominant but thankfully it does not go to their heads. This is why they are also great at self control.
  • Aquarius – what is definitely not a good idea is to boss around an Aquarius – except in the bedroom. Something about the act of getting intimate can really relax them and they like being told what do to then.
  • Pisces – you will never guess it by just looking at them but the Pisces are known to be very adventurous in bed. by dominating people in the bedroom they can unleash some of their deepest fantasies.



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