Boost Your Metabolism and Accelerate Your Weight Loss with These 13 Pressure Points

Acupuncture is an ancient form of massaging spots on your body in order to help the flow of energy based on traditional Chinese medical theory.

By applying pressure on some of the energy meridian points on your body, you can increase the flow of energy throughout your body in order to make it work better.

This is practiced for almost 2,000 years and people that have used it for a prolonged period of time say that it helped them lose some weight.We have compiled a list of 13 pressure points to help you in restoring the energy flow to the organs that have a say considering weight loss.

Do the simple massages on a daily basis and your body will be grateful. One of the most important rules to remember is when doing acupuncture, is to be calm and relaxed.

Do some breathing exercise to help you calm down and relax your body enough for the oxygen to flow through it better.

Top of Your Trapezius Muscle

The point here is located on your back where your neck meets the shoulder, directly in line with your nipple. Apply pressure on this spot for about a minute and repeat it on the other side as well.

Do this every day

Nose Bridge

Look in a mirror and find the pressure point between your eyes and nose bridge. Stroke the area with your fingers, leading for one eye towards the nose bridge.

Repeat it for the other eye too.

Dip between the Eyebrows

Instinctively, most of us apply pressure between the dip of our eyes when were tired. Apply gentle pressure on the spot for about a minute.


The area above your celiac plexus, located on your breastbone is also another acupressure point. Press the area between your pecks with medium pressure for a minute and repeat this daily.


The spot between your ear and temple is what you should be looking for. Apply pressure to it and massage it for one minute.


Your abdomen has multiple pressure points that can active a rapid energy flow, making it easier for you to lose weight. But you have to find one specific spot.

It is located two fingers down from your belly button. Massage this spot for one minute and repeat it on a daily basis.

Abdominal Sorrow

These 2 spots are just under your chest where your stomach is. Massage the area with upward movements daily.


The inner part of your elbow is another acupressure point requiring pressure applied to it for one minute as well.


The area that you are looking for here is the beginning of the muscle right under the knee cap. Apply pressure to it for a minute.


Massage the muscles just above your ankle, do it for a minute and repeat it daily.

Upper Lip

The little uphill-downhill spot on your upper lip is requiring your attention and it needs to be massaged for one minute every day.


After you are done with the massaging on your body, head, limbs, it is time to move to the hands. The pressure point here is the little space between your thumb and index finger.

Apply pressure to it for a minute. You can also do this when you’ve got a headache to relieve some of the pain.


The feet can help you a lot in bettering your metabolism and overall health. Massage the points between your toes, and just before the heel every day.

Important Information

Just to be more clear, acupressure massage is a great way to increase the work of your metabolism and your digestion system. However, you should be consistent enough for it to start working and constantly massage the points in order for your body to remain in top shape.

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