Can a Little Child Know More About the Human Skeleton than You?

The joy of having an interesting conversation with a child is one of those small things that make your life fuller. It is always nice to hear out what it has to say, as it acts as a glimpse into the child’s mindset.

That conversation more than often takes you back to your own childhood, when everything seemed simpler and happier. But every now and again, you might encounter a youngling with a rather different array of things to talk about. And that is something you shouldn’t miss and the show “Little Big Shots” makes sure that you don’t.

            It covers extraordinary children from across the United States and presents their knowledge and skills for everyone to see. It ranges from dancing and singing to an unexpectedly vast knowledge on a certain topic.

It’s a relatively new show and the creators are Ellen DeGeneres and Steve Harvey. It has only three seasons and they are worth watching. The second season’s first episode featured a four- year- old girl from California named Brielle Milla.

This amusing little girl showed her knowledge and understanding of the human skeletal system, of both the bones themselves and their function. She said that she learned all of this from her mother Carrie Milla, and we are pretty sure that she is really proud of her baby girl.

The girl’s attitude and knowledge proved to be intriguing for the host Steve Harvey and the audience. You can check the video for yourself and we hope that it will bring a smile on your face.

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