Chief Doctor at Jaguar Gives Advice On How to Properly Sit In Your Car

The British company Jafuar has released an informational video on their YouTube channel, which explains the optimal sitting position for the driver of a vehicle. The position is based not solely on comfort, but it also optimizes the safety of driving and control of the vehicle.

The video is accompanied by an explanation from Dr. Steve Iley, Chief Medical Officer at Jaguar Lan, which advises drivers how their journey can be safer and more comfortable. Even if you think you are satisfied with how you are driving your vehicle, the video is still worth a shot.

The first advice is really simple, but it will surprise you nonetheless. You need to remove everything from your pockets, since it can impact on your sitting position behind the wheel. This should not pose a problem for you, since there is plenty of space around you in your car or vehicle to place all of the things in your pockets.

In addition, the driver must be sure that their back is straight and it is placed normally onto the seat. The neck must also be straight, while the knees and elbows a little bent in order to firmly grasp the wheel and place the feet onto the pedals. When you are turning the wheel, your shoulders must be touching the backrest.

According to Dr. Iley, the implementation and use of this advice will seriously assist you in controlling the vehicle, increasing your comfort and also increase your self-confidence for driving.

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