What Is the Creepiest Thing about You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Whether you do or don’t believe in the zodiac, the stars in fact have something to say about you. For hundreds of years, astrology has been a part and greatly influenced people.

From dating suggestions, to what people’s personalities are, or their psychology and choices in life. Here are some insights on what the creepiest traits you have depending on your zodiac sign.

Aries – Violence

They are bound to have awful anger management skills, and they tend to have a lot of anger in them. When triggered, you could channel your entire enthusiasm and energy into this massive ticking time bomb of anger.

The more you hide your anger, the harder it is to control it. Start going to the gym or get a stress ball before you go all out.

Taurus – Possessiveness

Taurus is obsessed with hoarding and keeping things just the way they are to a possessive degree. Their materialism, sentimentality and persistence prevent them from letting go of things easily.

Generally, they care way too much making them look psychotic to others.

Gemini – Backbiting

They may love their friends, but you can’t be totally reliant on them. It is in their nature to complain about some of the things their close friends and family share and talk about in private.

It is almost impossible for them to remain loyal and honest.

Cancer – Victimizing

They have an overdeveloped martyr complex and they love themselves more than anyone else. They see themselves as strong people, yet they are a suffering caregiver that almost always faces misfortune and mistreatment.

Leo – Narcissism

Wherever they go, they think that the spotlight will automatically shine upon them. They love being the best and always right.

Their generosity, enthusiasm and fun attitude allows them to steal the spotlight everywhere they are present.

Virgo – Control Freak

Instead of caring, they plan ahead and try to control everything around them due to their obsessive control habits. While they may refer to it as ‘dedication’, others don’t see it that way.

The desire to control everything that they have is actually confusing them on what a real connection with someone is supposed to look and be like.

Libra – Empathy

Your empathy will kill you sooner or later. While you may be a kind and just person, the degree of empathy you have is far too high and sometimes it leads you to empathize with the worst people imaginable.

Scorpio – Sadism

The internal compass they have is always a little bit off and they find joy and pleasure in some gruesome things. Taboo, tragedy and crime will attract them more than anything else.

They basically have a little abyss in them.

Sagittarius – Cult Leaders

The Sagittarius is adventurous, optimistic and imaginative, which makes them an ideal cult leader. Their thirst together with wanderlust makes them establish contacts across the world.

With the charming personality they have, they can literally do anything for you.

Capricorn – Ambitious, Yet Emotionless

Their determination and ambition to win over everyone else’s admiration is too high. However, they completely forget about other people’s thoughts and feelings.

While they may go far with their ambition, they will easily burn those around them.

Aquarius – Sociopath

They are obsessed with changing the world for the better. They don’t seem to care about the unorthodox methods they are using that will take them there.

They couldn’t care less about kicking anyone who stands in their way in order to improve society.

Pisces – Volatile with Emotions

Their feelings inspire them to create and heal, but they may also steer them away from the good in this world. While they are overwhelmed, their feelings also will lead them towards a darker path.

They are highly manipulative and pay no attention to ‘emotional stability’.

While most astrology followers are keen on focusing on the good qualities their signs possesses, there are always darker and scarier aspects of every sign. They have equal positive and negative sides, and after reading this list, you know yours.

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