Exercises That Are More Effective Than Running

Many people that work out and have cardio in their routine means that they are running on a track or on the street.

Although most people think of running when cardio is mentioned, there are those who actually hate to run.

Here we present some exercises for cardio that do not require any running and you can do them in the comfort of your home.

Strength training is an exercise that is performed by all kinds of weighting agents, such as dumbbells.

Cardio workouts usually are activities aimed at strengthening the cardiovascular system, meaning that they include loads without any additional weighing agents, and are typically aerobics, cycling, running and others.

Power loads improve the metabolism and the blood flow in the body.

At the same time, the metabolism remains elevated for a long time after the session is complete. There is an opinion about cardio training that fat is burned much faster when force is added.

This statement is suitable for short and intense training sessions for strength, since it is essentially and active burning of carbohydrates and not fat.


Almost everyone knows how to do planking. But for those of you who are just starting out, planking is essentially you lying on the ground sitting on your elbows, keeping your whole body straight and standing on your toes.

Just being parallel to the ground for as much as you can activates your entire body and tones every single muscle.


Surprisingly, there is a wrong way to do squats. Most people just bend down and stand up. What you should do is bend down, but always keep your butt out and your back straight. You can even add some movements with your hands in order to gain more momentum.


Most people already know and do push-ups, but just in case, you should do them with your back being completely straight. Lunge forward slightly and down with your body and apply the weight of your body on your hands and feet. This is the most effective way of doing push-ups.

Jumping Jack

This is a relatively easy exercise, as it requires you to be in place and just jumping up and down with some movements from your limbs. Basically, when you jump, you should spread your legs and bring them back together once you land.

At the same time, your arms should do a full circle from your sides to the top of your head. This has to be done simultaneously in order for it to be effective.

Frog Jump

Spread your knees and go down with your whole body. While going up, jump and extend both of your arms as far as you can. When you land, touch the floor with your hands. Always keeps your knees spread out.


For this exercise, you will need a chair. Stand at the side of the chair facing it. Extend your arms at shoulder level and fold your elbows so that your forearms are one over the other. With one leg on the ground, put the other one on the chair.

Afterwards climb on the chair with both your legs in a semi-squat position. After that, step down from the chair but always keep your arms as they are.


Put your hands on your hips so they won’t bother you while doing this. Stand with both legs next to each other and with one leg go forward and bend the knee fully, to a 90 degrees angle. Also, your other knee has to be bent 90 degrees.

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