How to Grow a Whole Pineapple from another One

Growing pineapples in your own house sounds like having a tropical beach just outside your house. But, even if you don’t have the said beach just outside, you can still enjoy the sweet and tasty pineapple from a plant you grew yourself.

Following we have a guide for you how to grow one yourself.Before you start, you’ll need a 6-inch planting pot and light planting soil, something like a cactus potting mix.

Sooner or later you will also need a 5-gallon pot when your plant is ready to be transferred. The pineapple plant will become quite large and it will need extra room in order to grow.

The Crown: the right pineapple crown will come from a fruit ripe and healthy enough that its leaves are green. You should have a healthy plant if you want this to succeed.

Cut and Preparation: slice the crown from the top of the pineapple. Remove the fruit stuck to the bottom side and gently cut away any rind.

Remove the layers of rind until you see a circle of brown dots. This is where the roots will grow.

You also have to remove the leaves from the bottom of the stalk. Allow the crown and the stalk to dry for at least 48 hours.

Plant it Right: fill the smaller, 6 to 8 inch, pot with the soil mixture and plant the crown an inch deeper. Press it firmly into the dirt to secure the root in place.

Water the plant with a spray bottle. Avoid overwatering it by keeping it barely moist. Too much water can be just as damaging as too little water for the pineapple plant.

Wait and Transfer: your pineapple should grow in the smaller pot for 1 to 3 months or until the pineapple roots into the soil. Gently tug on the crown to see if it’s holding still.

If it is firmly rooted, it will soon start to grow new leaves. This is the exact time to transfer your pineapple to a larger pot. Afterwards, you have to wait for it to begin to flower before the fruit begins to start growing.

After the initial planting, your pineapple will not produce fruit for about 18 to 24 months. But after a few years, you will have plenty of fresh pineapple all year round.

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