How to Stay Healthy and Slim- 4 Japanese Secrets

Consuming plenty of water, regular exercises and healthy diet are the primary rules for being healthy and fit. Today we will present you 4 Japanese essential rules to stay healthy.

How to Stay Healthy

  1. If you eat like sumo wrestler, you will look like one too

People who train sumo wrestling don’t consume breakfast. They skip this meal because they start with the intense training right after they wake up. They have an abundant lunch at the afternoon, and they go to sleep. They also have two massive meals, twice a day. They adjust their meals to the intensity of the exercises, so they eat a lot of food, and they gain weight. This means that if you have large meals or eat junk food, this will be prevailing over the time that you spend on exercises. Following normal sleeping patterns, balanced diet and regular exercise are essential.

  1. Warmth means Life

We all know that food is the energy we consume in order to survive. Fruits and veggies that grow in the summer, can cool down the body and adjust it to the heat. On the other hand, food that grows during the winter has grater calorie count. These foods can maintain the warmth in our bodies during the cold days. For a healthy diet, raw veggies, fruits and greens are very important. Nutritious diet is essential for supplying the body with all of the needed nutrients. If you can, avoid liquids during your meals.

  1. During the meal

Most Japanese don’t consume any kind of liquids or water while they eat. They are practicing this because they believe that this has a negative impact on the digestion. They believe that the liquids can cool down the body and eliminate the warmth. You can give your body the needed liquids through the food by consuming fruits, vegetables and soups.

  1. Hot baths will prolong your life

Because they can improve the circulation of the blood, relax the body and reduce stress, hot baths are extremely beneficial. Japanese people claim that hot baths can improve the digestion, clean the skin and even prolong life. They believe that 101°F is the perfect temperature.

WHO reported that people in Japan have that longest lifespans, so keep that in mind, maybe they are doing something right.

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