Lose 12 Kilograms in 2 Weeks without Starving Yourself

If you are looking for a way to shed your excess weight, but don’t have enough time to work out, keep reading to find out what you have to do. With this diet, in just 14 days you can get rid of excess fat.

The only thing to do is stick to one simple rule. Follow the instruction below to find out what it is.


Drin two glasses of water, then you can eat your breakfast. Also, do not drink anything else while you are eating.

And do not drink anything for 2 hours after you are done.


Before you start with your lunch, drink two glasses of water again. During lunch, you can eat whatever you want, there are no restrictions.

Just remember to not drink anything for 2 hours after your lunch.


Before your dinner, drink just 1 glass of water. Again, there are no meal restrictions and you can eat what you want.

But you have to follow the rule again and not drink anything for 2 hours after your dinner.

Additional Information

If you feel hungry between two meals, you can have a snack, but you must not drink anything else.



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