Here is How to Lose Belly Fat After Menopause

After the menopause, plenty of women try to return into their previous shape, and they usually put a lot of effort in it. During the menopause the women lose estrogen and they gain fat and cannot seem to regulate their weight.

The slim women are not exception – they too are dealing with the exact same issues. As the levels of estrogen get lower the weight gain increases.

On the other hand men face the same issues too, but their problem is usually known as beer belly. Unlike the women, the levels of the testosterone in men are lower which  leads to them gaining weight, especially in the stomach.

It is very necessary to lose fat in order to feel and be healthy, because in addition it can lead to myocardial infractions, diabetes, high levels of cholesterol and inflammatory issues.

So, what causes the gaining of weight after menopause? The diets as well as the regular workouts have all been proven as insufficient in burning the belly fat.

In addition, it is probably more likely that women will lose weight easier than men will. When the levels of estrogen are in the decrease, all fat from the entire body moves to the stomach.

However, the decrease of the testosterone in men is what causes weight gain in men. Also, another contributor to weight gain is the stress.

There have been some studies which have shown that the secretion of cortisol has been related to weight gain as well as stress. Here are some of the factors that contribute to gaining weight after menopause:

  • poor sleep quality – during the menopause the women can experience some sleeping difficulties as well aspoor sleep quality related to their weight gain
  • loss of muscle mass – as people get older, all of them face a decrease in the physical activity and hormonal changes which leads to weight gain
  • increased resistance to insulin – as the women get a bit older, they become resistant to insulin which leads to them gaining weight
  • hormone imbalances – the decreased and increased levels of estrogen can lead to high storage in fat in the abdominal area. In turn this will increase the risk of heart diseases, metabolic syndrome and diabetes type 2

So, how to lose this weight?

Make some changes in your dietary plan

All you will need to do is introduce a couple of new changes in the dieting plan. First of all, make sure that you include olives, coconut oil, salmon and avcado in your diet.

Researchers have shown that people who have consumed 5 ounces of salmon per week have lost more than 2 pounds. Also, make sure you avoid unhealthy, processed foods and consume more fresh veggies and fruits in your day to day dieting plan.

The levels of insulin as well as cortisol in the body increase after the menopause. When the levels of the insulin are increased, the fat in the stomach is increased too.

If you  want to enhance your metabolism, when you wake up in the morning take some apple cider vinegar.

Low calorie dieting plan

If you really want to lose some weight, then you should definitely cut back on those calories, because right after the menopause the calories in the body which are burnt are decreased. But, the low calorie dieting plan can actually in the long term lead to loss of muscle mass and decreased metabolic rate.

In addition to this, the insufficient intake of the calories as well as the low muscle mass can easily cause bone loss. This will in turn increase the risk of experiencing osteoporosis.

According to some studies, if you happen to want to lose some weight, the dietary restraint can actually do some wonders and be very beneficial for you.

Exercise to help yourself losing weight

The exercises are very important before as well as after the menopause. They can easily enhance the mood, protect the bones and muscles as well as provide a healthy weight.

The resistance training with weights and bands has been proven to be very effective at maintaining and increasing the muscle mass that decreases with hormonal changes as well as age. Also, the aerobic cardio exercises have too been proven to be beneficial for women in menopause.

They can help lower the stomach fat and maintain the muscle mass and still lose some weight. However, if you want to see better results, it is most recommended to mix strength training with aerobic exercise.

Some additional tips for losing weight

There are couple of more ways to improve the quality of your life and lose some weight after the menopause:

  • make sure you rest and improve the quality of your sleep
  • the psychotherapy and acupuncture can soothe symptoms of decreased estrogen, treat insomnia and boost the quality of sleep
  • make sure you get rid of stress – it has been considered that the yoga can efficiently reduce the stress and soothe the symptoms during the menopause
  • consume plenty of dairy products – the dairy products can easily help you lose some fat and maintain the muscle mass
  • consume a lot of protein too – they can keep you full and satiated, enhance your metabolic rate and stimulate the weight loss
  • consume a lot of food filled with soluble fiber – all the foods rich in fiber such as broccoli, flaxseeds, brussels sprouts, avocado etc will increase your sensitivity to insulin, promote weight loss and lower your appetite
  • consume a lot of green tea – the caffeine and the EGCG in the green tea can help you lose fat
  • start taking up mindful eating – it can help you lower the stress in your body and consume a lot less food

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