Massage for Beginners

One real relaxing massage doesn’t require you to know any special methods or techniques. All you have to do is follow this guide and then you can even start making money off your friends, since they will ask you for a massage every day.

First of all, make sure the room your in is in a normal room temperature, not too hot and not too cold. Have in mind that the body tends to cool down during the massage. In addition, the person should like on a hard and flat surface, while you focus on their back, shoulders and neck.

  1. Let’s start off with the shoulders. Start with light movements and massaging of the shoulder back up and onto the neck.As you are nearing the neck, you should apply more pressure, but still be gentle as to not hurt them. After a few repetitions of this, and both shoulders, put both your hands on their spine and press gently while spreading your hands towards their shoulders.
  2. Use one hands at the base of their neck or top of their back and gently apply pressure on their spine while pulling your hand down along the spine. Once you’ve done that a few times, gently put your elbow on their back and massage whatever area they feel pain in. you should increase the pressure if necessary.
  3. Putt a finger at the end of their hairline on their neck and move your hand towards their shoulder, massage all the muscles in that area while applying a not so gentle pressure. You could also use a fist and massage this area that way. Be careful not to pull their hair or apply too much pressure so you’ll hurt them. This massage area should take most of the time, since we are all about that sedentary life, and this particular area needs most of your time and attention.
  4. Start massaging the muscles on their legs with a mild pressure, either along the length of the muscle or to the side. If the person has pain or cramps on a particular area, massage that area with your fingers, starting off gently and gradually increasing the pressure.
  5. To do a facial massage, the person needs to be fully relaxed. The massage should be slow, follow a rhythm, painless and smooth. Always massage along the direction of the muscles on the face, gentle pressure so as you won’t hurt them. To massage the cheeks, you should use one finger to apply a gentle pressure and massage them sideways or up and down.
  6. Turn their head to the side and grab the muscle sticking out on their neck. Gently apply pressure with your fingers and grad your fingers up and down the muscle, as this will relax their neck even further.

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