Relieve Your Foot, Hip and Knee Pain with These 6 Exercises

More than 25 percent of the US population are suffering from knee pain and it is one of the most common issues for chronic pain in America. Even if you are not dealing with knee pain, you are suffering from minor injuries and fatigue more often and there is not a single person that wants that pain.

However, we have some good news, because in this article we will show you the 6 best exercises that will easily relieve you from the pain in your hips, knees and feet and will make you feel better instantly.

Toe Walking

This is a very simple exercise that can be performed while you are doing something else. All you have to do is walk around or stand on your toes, not your whole foot.

This will reinforce the feet balls, toes and calves. You should perform this exercise for about 15 minutes, but if you can stay that long, do as much as you can.

Heel Raises

For this exercise, you will need to grab a chair and just stand behind it. Grab the chair and then raise one of your legs by simply bending your knee.

Afterwards, raise the leg that you are standing with on your toes and slowly go up and down. Do this for 10 to 15 times and then switch for the other leg.

This exercise will help you to strengthen your ankle and knee muscles.

Resistance Band

You need to place a resistance bend on the leg of the couch or a chair and then put one of your legs under it and bend that knee slightly. After that, use your toes to grab the band and try to bring it towards you.

The knee should be going upwards to your head. Pull as much as you can and return to the starting position. Do 15 reps with each leg.

This exercise will help you in reinforcing your outer thigh muscles and calves.

Ankle Circles

Lift one of your feet up in the air, and do circles with it for about 10 minutes. The circles should be outwards and inwards.

Do this exercise 2 or 3 times with each leg.

Walking on Balls

Get a tennis ball and put it on the floor. Get a chair and sit on it, place on of your feet over the tennis ball, and gently press on the ball and move it from the beginning to the end of your foot.

Enjoy this massage for 10 minutes with each leg.

Toe Games

Stand tall and try to grab the floor with your toes by curling them. To make it even easier, put a towel under your feet and try to grab the towel with your toes.

Bonus Exercise

You can also relieve from your knee and hip pain with the acupressure points and a foot massage. Massage the two out points above your toes with your fingers if you are feeling that your feet are sore and you need to relax them.

Do the massage for about 15 minutes and it will surely relieve your whole body and make you feel relaxed. It will also relieve you from the pain.




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