The Size of Your Pinky Finger Reveals Your True Personality

Did you know that the little finger can tell a lot about you? There have already been many articles written about palmistry, but this is a complicated form of art, and it needs a lot of time.

However, in addition we are offering you an article where you can find out a lot more about yourself only by the size of your little finger.So, why have we chosen the little finger in the first place?

Every finger happens to be connected with a planet, meaning it has a different type of energy. Our palm is usually seen as a map of the present, future, past, and as a site to our positives and negatives.

The little finger, or the pinky finger as we know it, is connected to Mercury – Hermes, which is a planet/god of the traveling, finances and communication. Here you will need to connect your little finger with your ring finger which is connected with the Sun – Apolo.

The way we express ourselves can actually be revelaed by the shape and the length of the little finger. It can even reveal something more if you happen to examine is very carefully.

  1. Lower height – if the tip of your pinky finger is lower than the top joint of your ring finger, this means that you are a person often overwhelmed by your own emotions. Also, there have even been times when you wished to have reacted in a proper way. Despite all of that, as time passes you tend to find a way to show your true self. Only a handful of people can fully understand how much you can give. As you grow up you become more and more sociable, and you can easily find a way to overcome your shyness. These signs can be found in a lot of empaths. We definitely recommend you to write a book or a novel because you have plenty of feelings that need to be described and said out loud. But, if there is something that holds you back from writing, bear in mind that the writing can help you think in a more objective way. You may even become a very popular writer!
  2. Equal height – if the tip of your pinky finger is equal to the ring finger, this means that you have sucessfully created a balance between your qualties of an extrovert and an introvert. However, this does definitely not mean that you never get annoyed or angry, but it means that you can find a way to show your feelings in a very positive way. Most of the times you are in control of the fire burning inside of you. This makes you a person who appreciates honesty and is an honest person too. Also, you are capable of noticing when something is just not right and when someone is keeping a secret from you. When any of this happens, you can react in a very impulsive way, but for moost of the time you usually wait for the right moment in order to solve all of your issues. We would definitely recommend you to laugh a lot because this is the best weapon that a person can have. It will help you maintain your balance and is also known as an expression of a kind heart.
  3. Higher height – if the tip of your pinky finger is a bit higher than the top joint on your ring finger, this means that you are a sociable person and an extrovert. Even though in some times you want to be alone, you are considered to be a very charming person that attracts a lot of people. You could probably do this since you were a little kid, and attracted people to play with you. Also, you are definitely aware of the fact that you can always make things happen. This means that you are cut out to be an excellent leader, but you still need to make balance between your needs and the feelings of those people around you. You should definitely not ignore them, and accept their advice because this will onlyshow that you are a great leader.

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