Stop Buying Tomatoes and Learn How to Grow and Endless Supply of Fresh Tomatoes At Home

We all have a bad habit when it comes to buying fruits and vegetables. When we’re at the market, and at the produce section, we will buy anything that is on sale and looks fresh.

That sounds effective and healthy, except for the fact that we will only eat a bit and then forget about the rest. And when we finally go to use them, it is way past their time.

To put it simply, they’re overripe, rotting or worse. And thus how we end up throwing most of the fruits and vegetables away.

We we’re raised not to throw food away, but we do it. But if you happen to have some old tomatoes sitting around, there is a far better thing you can do with them instead of throwing them away in the garbage and it’s really cool.

Apparently, in only a few days you can turn the old tomatoes into seedlings and they will grow entirely new and fresh tomatoes. All you have to do is cut the tomato into a quarter-inch thick slices and place them into a pot of compost.

Cover them up with some potting soil and water them periodically. Within one or two weeks, you will have around 50-60 tomato seedlings.

It is almost too easy to be true, but indeed it is. Try it or yourself and before you know you will have your own fresh tomatoes in your yard.

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