Stop Using These Items – This Will Save Your Life

All of us do come in some kind of contact with different items each day, and most of those items come with specific levels of dangers that can build up if the items are used for a longer period of time. If you want to stay on the safe side, then try to reduce the usage or prevent it at all cost if you can.

According to a newly published article in the Time Magazine, if you want to maintain better overall health, here are a couple of things that you immediately need to dispose of:

  • Sweeteners – all of the artificial sweeteners like the sucralose or even the aspartame can all trick your body into keeping fat and increase your risk of diabetes. The same goes for those meals or drinks that contain artificial sweeteners, especially the diet sodas. Other than aggrevating the sensitivity of the insulin levels and helping you gain weight, the artificial sweeteners can also be connected to some health issues such as a stroke, Alzheimer’s disease and even heart attacks. Also, they are very well known to create dysbiosis and glucose intolerance in perfectly healthy people.
  • Nonstick cookware – it has been strongly recommended to replace the nonstick cookware with ceramic or even glass pots and pans because the nonstick coating is filled with carcinogens, for an example PFOA, and as soon as you heat up the kitchenware, the fluoride vaporizes and this can cause a lot of harm to you and your entire family. If you want to avoid the poisonous discharge, make sure that you change the nonstick cookware for glass or ceramic, and you will be safe!
  • Plastic bottles and food storage containers – if you want to minimize your contact with the bisphenol A, phthalates and some of the other endocrine disrupting chemicals, then the basic stage of it is tossing the plastic bottles and plastic meal containers in the garbage. The endocrine system in the body functions so that it can regulate mood, growth, sexual function, development, metabolism, function of the cells as well as reproductive functions. The contact with these endocrine disrupting chemical substances has often been connected to plenty of negative side effects, including reproductive health problems, reduced IQ in children, high blood pressure, hyperactivity, aggressiveness, impaired studying, and breast, prostate and thyroid gland cancer. The best option for you is to completely avoid these plastic products and substitute them for glass bottles and glass food containers.
  • Air fresheners – the majority of the air fresheners contain compounds that can be connected with precocious puberty as well as other more serious health issues such as cancer. The deodorizers we use in the bedroom also contain these harmful compounds too. In order to avoid these chemicals, yet still improve the air quality in your home, choose from a variety of natural essential oils, which can be very beneficial for a person, or just open the windows up a bit more often than usual.
  • Detergents and antibacterial soaps – are you aware of the factthat disinfecting the body can actually do you more harm than good? Other than assisting the development of the drug resistant germs, the antibacterial compounds such as the triclosan havve been connected to many harmful effects, especially when it comes to children. For an example, there has been scientifically demonstrated that the triclosan can improve the cortisol hormone and easily interfere with the fetal growth in women who are pregnant. Also, it has been associated with thyroid disorder, endocrine interruption, allergies, inflammatory reaction and weight gain too. As it has been reported by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), there is no proof whatsoever that the antibacterial soaps tend to be better in preventing sickness than cleaning yourself with any other type of soap. So, all you actually need is a mild cleaning soap and some warm water. And when it comes do cleaning the environment you live in, 3% hydrogen peroxide or some vinegar will suffice.
  • Commercial cleaning items – you can protect yourself from many harmful chemicals if you just throw away the industrial cleaning items you have in your home.some of the fundamental ingredients you need to make in your personal cleaning time are: liquid castile soap, mixing bowls, microfiber cloths, organic essential oils, baking soda, lemon juice, white vinegar, spray bottles, hydrogen peroxide. For an example, the baking soda can do wonders when it comes to scrubbing the actual bath as well as your kitchen, the combo of vinegar, lemon juice and water works well as a window cleaner and the hydrogen combined with vinegar works both as a disinfectant and sanitizer.
  • Personal care products – all of the chemical substances are best assimilated through the skin and the pores, so if you want to get rid of all the harmful toxins, eliminating the personal care products from your home is the first thing that you need to do. it has been found that almost all of the make up products including concealers, lipsticks, eyeliners, mascaras, blushes, lip glosses, powders, foundations and eye shadows contain heavy metals such as lead, radium, arsenic and so on. This is why you need to search for products which are made without any of these harmful chemicals oor make your own products. For an example, all the hair treatments can be replaced with simple coconut oil and essential oils.
  • Your chair – sitting down for a longer period of time will definitely increase your chance of a chronic illness and certain death, even if you are fit and exercise on a regular basis. Just like the physical exercise cannot take back the damage due to smoking, it also cannot take back the damage done to the body that has been in the chair for too long. The sitting has proven to be even more dangerous than smoking, and second hand smoking, which can increase the risk of cancer by 50 percent. Essentially, sitting down for a longer period of time can lead to a lot of serous issues, such as cardiovascular issues, diabetes and cancer.
  • Electronic gadgets – the World Health Organization issued a report stating that the cell phones we use can cause malignancy, classifying the radiofrequency electromagnetic areas as possibly carcinogenic to people. If you want to reduce the exposure, make sure that you don’t carry your phone with you everywhere you go. Have you had any idea that the cell phones actually emit radiation he longer they stay turned on, even if you are not using them? Give your mind a break and set a routine for when you want to use your phone, and make it to a minimum of a couple of times in a week.
  • Stale spices – the seasonings are known to be filled with minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, as well as other nutrients. Actually, it has been proven that one gram of fresh herbs contains more benefits and nutrients than one gram of fruits or vegetables. The thyme, cloves, ginger are all proven to be very useful in reducing the swelling, but here you need to know that the quality is as important too. The stale seasonings are completely useless, and whenever you find some dated spices in your kitchen, make sure you immediately replace them with new spices.

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