Strict  Mothers Have Better Children According To Science?

Can you relate if you had strict parents when you were a child are you a strict parent too?  Do you think a strict parenting negative affects a child’s growth or are you in favor of it?

There are many children that have grown up in families with strict parents. According to scientists stricter parents have better children.

Erica Rascon Ramirez, a professor at the University of Essex in 2015 study, published at the Institute of social and economic research, explained the measure of expectation showed a combination of beliefs and aspirations about the possibility of a higher education declared by most parents, in most cases by the mother.

15.500 schoolgirls between the ages of 13 and 14, took part in a 4 year study conducted by Rascon Ramirez.  Through this research she found out that the children who had strict parents were more self-confident and secure.

More over the study showed that successful people had very demanding mothers in addition the daughters of persistent mothers had lower frequency of premature pregnancy by 4% compared to the other children and children of strict parents have a higher chance to finish school to find a job is to succeed in life as well.

Children of strict parents explain that in most cases they succeeded in what they thought was more appropriate for them even though it was against their parents will.

However without taking in consideration how hard they tried to avoid do recommendations of their parents, it was possible that in this scenario they ended up being affected in a subtle manner, in their choices that they had considered personal.

Moreover they added that what their parents had expected about their school choice has most likely been a vital determinant of their decisions about conceiving a child or not during their teenage years.

They discovered as well that the healthy pressure of the parents raised the chances of their children to finish their studies and to find a job and overall to have a better life. On the other hand some studies found out that strict parenting have negative effects on their children’s development and growth.

According to Philipa Perry I psychotherapist strict parenting can turn a child into a liar as it will not feel safe to tell the truth. It can be caused by numerous of factors such as putting pressure on the child to be successful excessive discipline shaming her/him in front of other children.

Parents do not do any good to their children if they maltreat them for lying. They may be curious about it or day may be interested in it however being rigid or strict about the lie will not make the situation better.

So all parents should try to find a middle ground to promote the values and determine the guidelines for growing up their children.

Moreover parents should work towards authoritative parenting that will lead them to be more open warm and communicative with their children even though their standard should be still high. The differences between authorian and permissive parenting are:

In permissive parenting:

Parents adopt compromises even though they should not

There is not tolerance of acceptable feelings of disappointment and sadness

As there are not any healthy limitations children cannot learn about self-management

All children’s desires are accomplished at the expense of other people

Emphasize their children’s freedom instead of responsibility

When there are some rules they’re usually inconsistent

Often seems like a friend not a parent

Rarely said any type of consequence

In authorian parenting

Relationships between children and parents are based on a lack of empathy in fear

Children are more prone to lying and behave well only their authority’s near of them

Strict discipline measures make children think that the usage of power is the right thing

Rebellious children a result of excessive discipline

Parents have high expectations of their children yet they provide a little feedback and nurturance

Mistakes are punished severely

Corporal punishment in yelling are commonly seen with authoritarian parenting

It is very demanding but nard to responsive

Authoritarian parents utilize punishments with no explanation

Authoritarian parents do not give their children options or choices

Authoritarianparents are not willing to negotiate

Authoritative parenting

Both permissive and authoritarian parenting should be avoided and replaced with authoritative parenting. Healthier limitations should be set up by the parents even though empathy should not be avoided.

Even though authoritative parents have high expectations for their children they also support their children to be successful it has been considered as the most effective type of parenting.

The authoritative parenting includes a child centric approach in which I was sort of parents have high expectations for their children

Authoritative parents have some common characteristics as they

Listen to their children

Stimulate independence

Express nurturance and warmth

Administer fair and consistent discipline

Allow their children to give opinions

Establish limits expectations and consequences on their children’s behavior

Make sure that’s whenever you need to be strict and set up the limits you also express affection and love to your children at the same time it may help you to establish a balance between emotional control discipline and allowing independence try to be lenient nor harsh it will help you to keep a healthy balance




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