Take a Look at One of Nepal’s Most Dangerous Roads

There are a lot of dangerous roads out there in the wide world. They exist mostly because of extreme geography conditions and poor land infrastructure. So it is logical to assume that the vast majority of those roads to be located on high mountain ranges in developing countries.

And where better to look for those conditions than the north border of the Indian subcontinent, the Himalayan mountains, or to be more precise, the countries situated on them.

            Nepal is probably the first thing that comes to mind when people think of a Himalayan country, simply because of the fact that it’s home to Mount Everest, the roof of the world standing at 8 848 meters or 29 029 feet.

Most of the country is mountainous and hilly, only with the southernmost parts being plains. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the roads in the northern section of the country would be more challenging than their southern counterparts.

The Manang Road that stretches around 96 kilometers from the town of Besishahar in central Nepal, to the town of Manang in Annapurna Conservation Area. The road crosses a small distance, but a high elevation.

The region is also known as Mustang and it is the home of many Hindu and Buddhist shrines and holy sites. The Manang Road serves as a way to connect people to those places and it is quite a tricky one.

The journey across takes a couple of days to finish and sometimes the road is closed due to increased risks for travelers. When the temperatures go up, the mountain snows melt and flood a part of the road, making it look more like a river or a waterfall. If you want to see what it’s like to be on that road, be sure to check out the videos.

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