The Shape of your Teeth Can Say a Lot About your Personality

Just for the sake of everything we are about to talk to you about today, let’s just state that the physiognomy is still at an early research stage, and the official science does not really recognize this subject. It is up to you to make a choice whether it is worth attributing to irony when it comes to the owners of long teeth.

So, according to the physiognomy, the canines and the incisors can help in diagnosing the identity of their owner.

Are you eager to find out the character of a person by the shape of their teeth? Well, today we are going to provide you with a couple of tips on that particular subject. But, before we start, we should definitely make a reminder for you – if you want to take a look at someone’s teeth, make it as unnoticeable as possible.

The fixed ight can be interpreted in many different ways so make sure you are very careful with it. And now, keep on reading and have an insight of the description and interpretation of the shape of the teeth.

1. Incisors – the large upper incisors usually talk about the resoluteness of their master. This is a person that is considered to be infelxible and stubborn but tat the same time they are sincere as well as open. The diastema, as the gap between the incisors is called, gives away a desperate, risky, explosive and an intuitive character.

2. Fangs – when the fangs are the ones standing out well from the dentitions are usually associated with the aggressiveness of their owner. But, the fangs can tell the actual opposite for an example, the honesty as well as the kind heart of a person.

3. Straight definition – the teeth of a person who are ideally even usually characterize a self confident and a responsible person who can make competent decisions with the peaceful mind of a Buddha. This is a person that has mathematical mindset and a strong desire for success. On the other hand, the person who has crooked teeth usually means that this is a person that is excessively demanding to himself.

4. Small teeth – the small teeth are the feature of people who put their own inner peace ahead of communicating with other people. They are also known as introverts. They are usually incomprehensive to others and mysterious as well. But, despite all of that, they are full of ideas and extremely smart.

We hope that you have found out some new information about helping you read the character of people. We believe that literally everything about you is written all over your face. If you examine the smile of a stranger, that person will not be a stranger to you anymore.

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