Scientists say That These are the Best Ways to Correct all of Your Sleeping Problems

Snoring, leg cramps, back pain, neck pain, tossing, turning, each person has their own set of sleeping issues that keeps them and their partner awake for the entire night. For many people out there, the sleeping is actually an exhausting process!

Thankfully, the sleep scientists have discovered a couple of ways how to cure all of your sleepless nights. If you happen to follow these recommendations that we are about to give to you, you could actually be able to fix all of your troubles with your sleep for good!

Back pain

If you are waking up with a stiff or a sore back, it happens to  be extremely important that you maintain the normal curves of your spine. You can maintain them by doing the following:

  • Sleep on yoour back – those people who are dealing with back pain tend to sleep best with a pillow under their knees. This pillow can help maintain the natura curve of the spine and also reduce tension in the tendons. If you happen to be needing some additional support, then take a small towel, roll it and place itright under your neck.
  • Get a new mattress – the overly soft mattress is very bad for people who have issues with their back. If your mattress happens to be soft, then take a look into the option of buying a new, firm one.
  • Do you like sleeping on your stomach? – this is a position for you! Just place a small pillow under your lower abdomen so that the small of your back does not bend forward.
  • Are you a side sleeper too? – place yourself to sleep in a fetal position, by placing your legs up towards the chest and keeping your spine naturally arched. Then take a small pillow and place it between your knees to relieve the tension off of your lower back.

Shoulder pain

If you wake up with a sore shoulder every single morning, it is most probably because you have been sleeping on the same side every single night. In these cases avoid sleeping on your stomach for it causes misalignment of the shoulders.

Try sleeping on your back. Avoid the pillows which are fluffy, because they can also cause shoulder misalignment.

Place another pillow onto your stomach and hold it to make sure that your shoulders are in the same and stable position. If you cannot sleep on your back, try sleeping onto theside that doesn’t hurt you.

Draw up your legs in the fetal position and place a pillow right between your knees. Avoid placing the hands under your head because this causes the shoulders to move and place themselves in an unnatural position.

Neck pain

If you are suffering from neck pain, then your neck is in need of better support while you are sleeping. Sleep on your back with a pillow right under your head and two additional pillows under each of your arms.

Make sure that you choose your pillows very carefully because the most of your pain has a connection with that rather than with your sleeping position. Make sure that you opt for an orthopedic roll pillow.

If you sleep on the side, use a nice and flat pillow, no bigger than 6 inches. In an ideal situation, your pillow must be n higher than the width of your shoulder.

Any pillow that is beyond that height can cause stress and an unnatural position of the shoulders and neck. If you tend to sleep on your stomach, then find a pillow as thin as you can.

Sleeping on your stomach is probably one of the very worst positions you can sleep on if you have some issues with your neck, but if you can only sleep on your stomach, then try using a really thin pillow for it.

If you cannot wake up

If you cannot wake up in the morning, there is a very easy thing that you can do. simply go to bed at an early hour the previous evening for a longer period of time, then set your alarm every morrning, even on weekends.

After a couple of weeks of doing this every morning you will make the natural alarm clock in you body alert you every morning, even before your alarm clock goes off.


Snooring is one of the things that can keep people awake through the entire night and can actually harm a relationship. Thankfully, if you are snoring, there are things you can do in order to ensure your partner their peaceful night of sound sleep.

First of all, avoid sleeping on your back. When you sleep on your back it will allow for your throat issues to sag and your tongue to fall back into the throat, thus narrowing the airway and causingthe snoring.

Second, make sure you wisely choose your pillow. The overly soft pillows tend to exacerbate the snoring because they allow the head to be tilted back even more.

If you are keen on using a soft pillow, then place another pillow under it to get more elevated.

Third, you can sleep on your side. If you put your head in a natural position, there is not a way for your airway to become restricted.

Finally, make some exercises for the muscles of your tongue and throat. This will help in strengthening them and reduce the snoring.

Leg cramps

Has it ever happened to you that you stretch a little bit too much and wake up screaming with pain in the calves or other leg muscles? These pains can be very uncomfortable and they are not just a product of dehydration.

Almost 80% of the people suffer from leg cramps while they are sleeping, and all of this can be easily related to some kind of nerve damage, lack of trace elemets or disease. If you get cramps in your leg very often then you need to talk to a doctor about this.

However, if it happens occasionally, simply  stop the cramps by stretching the calf muscle. Also, you can stop this from happening by massaging your legs before you go to bed.

Laying awake

One of the reasons why so many people are unable to fall asleep nowadays is mostly because of electronics. The blue light from our phones and laptops affects the sleeping cycle and urges the mind to stay awake when the body actually wants to sleep.

Even though it may be a little difficult, but you need to stay away from all electronics at least half an hour before you go to bed. Additionally, try not to consume caffeine or chocolate six hours before going to bed. and, don’t just do exercises in the morning, make up an afternoon routine too.

This can help you tone your entire body, improve the circulation as well as prepare your body for a good night of sleep.

Frequent waking

If you happen to wake up very frequently in the middle of the night, this may be caused by an issue with the temperature in your room. The ideal sleeping temperature is about 20-22 Celsius degrees.

Also, try not to consume alcohol before bed time because the alcohol will disrupt the water balance in the body and can affect your sleeping cycle in a negative way.

Additional sleep issues

If you suffer from heartburn, lie on your left side because this will prevent any stomach content from making their way back into the esophagus thus preventing heartburn.

If you have pain in your legs at night, keep your legs a bit elevated with a rolled pillow at the foot of the bed. It will allow for the blood to flow downward, avoiding the pain.

Also, try lightly massaging your legs before you to go sleep, and of course avoid the consumption of caffeine six hours before going to bed.

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