If You Want To be A Happy Person You Need To Have These 12 Habits

Stress and life usually depresses us, however there are a few things we can involve in our lives in order to improve our mood and brighten the day. Positive thoughts can get rid of every day issues like workload and headache.

Martin Seligman who is an author of positive psychology says that 60% of happiness depends on environmental factors and genetics where 49% of happiness depends on us.

Here are some habits that have outsize impact on our happiness level:

  1. Learn how to live in the present

Happy people do not allow negative experiences from the past to depress them. Moreover they do wait pleasant experiences to happen to them. Namely they live in the present and they try hard to achieve their aims.

They spend their time with their family and friends and they strive for the things they are longing for. They enjoy in the present and not allow time to passes by.

  1. Smile to be happy

As people say, laughing is the best medicine. No matter if you are in a good or in a bad mood. It affects other people.

Happy people always try to smile or to be happy. Smiling will boost up your happiness level and make you more productive.

According to the studies a fake smile can lead to negative experience that may worsen your mood. Despite all of their negative or positive experiences in life, they try to stay positive and enjoy on other people‘s company.

  1. Be grateful for the things you have

Despite a negative experiences that you have faced up with, you should always find a thing that you’re grateful for. It can be your family or friends or your work.

Never forget the things that you have. They will help you to pass through bad experiences in life.

  1. Don’t worry so much about other people’s opinions

If you constantly worry about what other people say about you may experience mental or physical issues. Happy people know the secret that it is simply not possible to please everybody.

In addition they don’t allow the negative opinions of other people to influence their life they respect people who give them support and make them happy.

  1. Make positive changes to the world around you

One of the most effective ways to spread happiness and to be happier is to make changes to the world around you. It can be achieved by smiling to a foreigner, volunteering for charity or helping people.

Happy people always try to make the world a better place for living.

  1. Always be friendly

Always be friendly to other people. If you have a bad day somebody may be facing upward bigger problems.

You should be always friendly and kind to everybody no matter if it is your colleague the coffee barista or the grocery store clerk.

  1. Keep learning

Happy people are usually very curious. They love investigating and learning more about the world around them.

They know that there are things that they have not learned or found out yet. They’re interested in positive things as draft achieve their goals would you give them additional energy and make their life meaningful.

  1. Cultivate resilience

Peter Kramer a psychologist claims that resilience is a country of depression, happy people know how to come back from. The Japanese proverb says: fall seven times-stand up eight.

  1. They appreciate small pleasures

Sometimes were trapped in our daily routine so that we are unable to enjoy the small pleasures in our lives. Happy people know how important it is to go out for fresh air to spend time with friends enjoying your meal.

  1. They do exercise

Doing exercises for at least 10 minutes releases GABA a neurotransmitter that relieves the brain and controls the impulses happy people exercise regularly as they know that exercise improves mood.

  1. They stay positive

All people face up with negative experiences rather than sitting at home and complaining about what had happened to you happy people are grateful for the things they have overcame.

They try to find the right to their problem and go on with their life because pessimism fuels and happiness people with pessimistic attitude damaged their mood and begin to predict negative feelings. If you expect negative feelings it is likely that they will happen to you.

  1. They forget grudges

Forgetting and forgiving is necessary to be happy if you have a grudge against somebody it means that you are angry to him/her. These negative emotions are hindering your happiness.

Letting go of this will keep your life empty from negativity and filled with positive things.


The habits of happy people are the same with those necessary for healthy lifestyle like doing regular exercises. Happy people are considered to be healthy people and vice versa.

Healthy people are happy people because of how they diet and exercise. These healthy strategies can help you to enhance your happiness level.

Proper sleep : the lack of sleep is related to psychiatric disorders like depression or anxiety where sufficient sleep is related to positive characteristics such as self-confidence optimism inability to deal with problems.

Sun exposure: it is essential for the production of vitamin D. If there is lack of vitamin D people suffer from depression. Except for vitamin D production, exposure to sun is considered improve mood and energy through the endorphin release.

Animal-based omega-3 fats lack of omega-3 fats:  is not decrease the change of mood and leads to more disorders. People who suffer from depression are considered to have a low levels of a mega three fats animal-based omega-3 fat.

Lack of omega-3 fats is known to increase the change of mood and leads to more disorders. People who suffer from depression are considered to have low levels of a mega three fats.

Emotional freedom technique:  in order to overcome negative experiences in life you can try emotional freedom technique which is a form of psychological acupressure. This technique will help you to clear your mind and body of negative feelings so that you can focus on positivity in your life.

Watch the video below to find out more about habits of happy people.




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