These Are The 12 Ways Your Body Tells You That Your Liver Is Damaged

The function of the liver is crucial for the body. When the function of the liver is overburdened we are at risk of numerous health issues.

Here are 12 signs of liver damage:

• Digestion Issues

Because the liver is vital organ in the digestion process, in case of liver damage we can experience: constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, indigestion etc.

• Abdominal Pain

Pain in the abdomen can be caused by liver damage.

• Appetite Loss

Indigestion and low levels of bile can be also caused by liver malfunction.

• Abdominal Changes

Another symptoms of liver damage are: pain, bloating and crumps in the lower part of the abdomen.

• Upset Stomach

If you experience nausea and vomiting for longer period, it can mean that the liver is damaged. This means that the body cannot get rid of the toxins.

• Stool Colour Changes

Lower levels of bile can cause stool colour changes. If your stool has pale yellow or clay colour for longer period it means that your liver doesn’t work properly.

• Urine Colour Changes

In case of damaged liver it is not able to eliminate the excess bilirubin, and the only way to remove it is through the kidneys. The higher levels of bilirubin lead to changes in the colour of your urine.

• Jaundice

Also high bilirubin levels can lead to jaundice. This medical condition is characterized by changes in the colour of the fingertips, tongue, eyes and skin.

• Intestinal Bleeding

This condition in many cases is linked to liver damage.

• Fluid Retention

Fluid retention besides being a sign of kidney issues, lymphatic disease or hormonal imbalance can be also a symptom of liver damage.

• Itchy Skin

When your liver is damaged your skin becomes more sensitive and prone to itchiness and visible veins.

• Unexplained Fatigue

Feeling tired for all the time means that your body is full of toxins and that the liver can’t eliminate them since it is damaged.

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