You Should Always Keep a Bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide in Your Home

When it is time for you to clean, always have your trusting green cleaners by your side – thebaking soda, the vinegar, and another cheap but effective gem – hydrogen peroxide. You can literally use it anywhere, and nothing can ever beat that price – a 16-oz will only cost you about a buck or so.

Today we are going to celebrate this amazing product by giving you a list of ten uses for it – read them and try them in your home now! The results will astonish you.

Hydrogen Peroxide

  1. Try cleaning your cutting board and your countertop – the hydrogen peroxide has the ability to bubble away any nastiness after you’ve prepared a dish for dinner which included fish or meat. Just add some of this product into a spray bottle (don’t expose the bottle to light because it will kill its effectiveness), and spray it all over your surfaces. Let everything bubble up for a couple of minutes, then scrub it well and finally, rinse it clean.
  2. You can wipe out your fridge and your dishwasher – because it is not a toxic compound, the hydrogen peroxide can be great for cleaning up those places where your dishes and food spends most of the time. Just spray out the appliance outside and in, let it sit like that for a couple of minutes, and then wipe it all clean.
  3. Clean up your sponges – make a 50-50 mixture of hydrogen peroxide and some warm water in a shallow dish. Take your sponges and soak them up in it for 10 minutes. After that, thoroughly rinse the sponges.
  4. Remove the baked on crud from all of your pots and pans – combine the hydrogen peroxide with some baking soda just so that you can create a paste, then make sure you rub it good onto your dirty pans and let it it like that for a while. Then, take a scrubby sponge and some warm water, and that will lift the stains right off of your pan.
  5. Whiten your bathtub grout – if some excess moisture has left your tub grout a bit dingy, first of all, you need to dry out your tub completely, then spray it all with the bottle of hydrogen peroxide. You have to let it sit like that for a while, in which time it may slightly bubble, then take an old toothbrush and come back to scrub the grout off the bathtub. You may have to go through this process a couple of times, depending on the condition your bathtub is in, but eventually it will become white again.
  6. Also, clean your toilet bowl – pour half of the hydrogen peroxide into your toilet bowl, let it stay like that for 20 minutes and then wipe it clean.
  7. Remove all the stains from your clothes, tablecloths and curtains – the hydrogen peroxide can furthermore be used as a pre treater when it comes to stains. Just soak the stain for a few minutes in a 3% hydrogen peroxide right before you put it in your laundry. You can also add a cup of this product to your regular load of white clothes in order to restore the brightness. It works just as wellas the bleach does, only this is a green alternative of it.
  8. You can put some brightness to your dingy floors – mix half a cup of the hydrogen peroxide with a gallon of hot water, then scrub your floors good. You do not need to rinse this at all, because it will do your floors a lot of good, and it is mild so it can be used on literally every surface.
  9. Clean the toys and the play areas of your kids – the safer cleaning option when it comes to spaces of the children is the hydrogen peroxide, because it does not irritate the lungs. You can fill up a spray bottle with hydrogen peroxide and use it to spray all the toys, doorknobs, toy boxes and anything else that your children are touching on a daily basis. You can also soak a rag in the peroxide in order to make a wipe.
  10. Help your plants out a bit – to ward off any fungus, next time you’re refreshing your plants add some hydrogen peroxide to your spray bottle. Put half a cup of it into a gallon of water and then water your plants with this solution.

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